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  • [Oscillating cutting solution] Electric Oscillating Tool | What is EOT tool ?

    Electric Oscillating Tool | What is EOT tool ?Electric Oscillating Tool - EOTThe Electric Oscillating Tool is mainly used for cutting soft to medium-density materials. The high oscillating frequency of the EOT makes it possible to cut at high processing speeds and offer a perfect processing effect. This artical will show you how to use the electric oscillating tool and how to operate the EOT tool.

  • [Oscillating cutting solution] Pneumatic Oscillating Tool | What is POT tool?

    The POT tool (i.e., pneumatic oscillating tool) has good performance for cutting foam, EVA, corrugated board, rubber, gasket, and multi-layer materials. This article will show you how to use and operate the POT tool. DEKCEL CNC will help you choose the right tool for the digital knife plotter cutter machine according to your processing request.

  • [Oscillating cutting solution] 6 Ways Choose Digital knife Cutting Machines | Flatbed Plotter Cutters

    6 Ways Choose Digital knife Cutting Machines | Flatbed Plotter CuttersT: Digital knife Cutting Machines | Knife Cutter Plotter - DEKCEL CNCK: CNC knife cutting machine, digital cutter plotter, knife plotter cutter, digital plotter, digital knife cutter, flatbed knife cutterD: Digital oscillating kni

  • [Oscillating cutting solution] Ceramic Expansion Fiber Gasket Oscillating Cut Machine for Three Way Catalytic Converter?

    Due to the characteristics of heat insulation,anti-fire and prevent substrate from shock or vibration, the ceramic expansion fiber blanket widely used for three way catalytic converter of automotive industry.

  • [Oscillating cutting solution] The Digital Development of CNC Oscillating knife cutting machine

    The development of​ CNC cutting machine must adapt to the development of modern mechanical processing industry. This article will take you to understand the development of product digitization

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