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  • [Oscillating cutting solution] Flatbed 1.1kw Router Spindle CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Plotter Machine

    Today our DEK-1625M model knife cutter machine will be ready to be packaged and sent to our Russian customers. This CNC knife cutting machine equipped with electric oscillating tool, creasing wheel, v-cutter, 1.1kw Italy router spindle, which can both cut soft and hard material.

  • [ DEKCELCNC News] CCD Camera contour oscillating knife blade cutter machine delivery to Romania customer

    CCD Camera oscillating knife blade cutting machine delivery to Romania customer,China digital oscillating knife blade cutting plotter machine with cost price for sale,our machine can be equipped with electric oscillating cut tool and pneumatic oscillating tool,which is designed to cut carton board,cardboard,corrugated board,EVA,foam,printed KT / PVC board or other kinds material such as fabric,leather,cloth,vinyl ect.

  • [Oscillating cutting solution] How To Choose Right Knife Cutting Tool For CNC Gasket Machine ?

    Dekcel CNC gasket cutting machine adopt advanced digital KINCO control system and intelligent tool switching system, you can easily choose the EOT tool or POT tool according the gasket material. Our company have many experience for cutting gasket, we can offer you the right gasket cutting solution according your request. This article will help you how to choose the right cutting tool for gasket.

  • [Products News] What can be laser engraved?

    Laser engraving is a common process in industrial applications. As a non-contact cutting technology, laser engraving has excellent advantages, which is not comparable to CNC Router. However, laser engraving also has its weaknesses, not all materials can be laser engraved. So, which materials can be

  • [Products News] How much electricity does a laser cutter use?

    How much electricity does a laser cutter use? With the development of social economy and science and technology, laser cutting technology has become more and more mature, gradually replacing the traditional cutting technology. However, laser cutting technology must also seek continuous developmen

  • [Products News] What is Panel furniture production line

    What is Panel furniture production line With the rapid development of residential construction industry, the demand for wooden doors is also growing. People's demand for high-grade wooden doors has gradually become prominent, especially the beautifully carved wooden doors. The development tren

  • [Products News] What is a laser marking machine?

    What is a laser marking machine? What is a laser marking machine? According to the literal understanding, this machine can use lasers to mark materials. This statement is actually general and broad. Because it is not just laser marking, laser engraving and laser etching are equally possible. But in

  • [Products News] Differences between 4 and 5 axis cnc routers

    Differences between 4 and 5 axis cnc routers This is a beautiful era, in the past, we can only see CNC machine tools in factories, but now, CNC equipment has entered our lives, 4-axis and 5-axis cnc routers are the product of economic development. They can help us to improve the efficiency of produ

  • [Products News] How long does it take to laser engrave machine ?

    How long does it take to laser engrave? With the progress of science and technology, more and more new technologies come into our vision. They have replaced traditional processes and improved production efficiency. When we are addicted to them, they naturally enter our lives, penetrate into all asp

  • [Products News] CNC Routers Guide For Beginners

    CNC Routers Guide For BeginnersIf you're new to the industry, congratulations! CNC router is one of the CNC machine tools with the highest scientific and technological content and has a good development prospect. You may need a guide of CNC router, don't worry, we have it ready for you. Here is the

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