How to cut sealing gaskets? How's the effect?
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How to cut sealing gaskets? How's the effect?

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How to cut sealing gaskets? How's the effect?

How to cut sealing gaskets? How's the effect?


As we all know, a sealing gasket is used in machinery, equipment, pipelines, etc., where there is fluid. Gaskets are generally made by digital knife cutting, punching, or manual cutting. They are used for the sealing connection between pipes and the sealing connection between machine and equipment accessories.

General sealing gasket materials mainly include asbestos gaskets, non-asbestos gaskets, paper gaskets, rubber gaskets, PTFE gaskets, tanged graphite gaskets, cork gaskets etc. So what equipment is used to cut sealing gaskets, and what is the cutting effect?

Best Gasket CNC Knife Cutting Machine

Traditionally, gaskets are made by punching, which is fast and can produce finished gaskets quickly. However, due to punch die cutting, it is necessary to make dies according to the gasket pattern. This results in a wide variety of dies, higher costs, and excessive stocking of dies.

A CNC gasket-cutting machine can produce various types of sealing gaskets. In advance, it is only necessary to design the gasket pattern. When the gasket-cutting machine is turned on, it will automatically trim the sealing gasket. The gasket edge is smooth, without burrs, and there is no burning effect as with laser machines.


There are many types of sealing gasket cutting machines to choose from. If you don’t know how to choose a suitable gasket cutter, please tell us your detailed processing requirements. DEKCEL CNC will recommend a suitable gasket-cutting machine for you.

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