DIY Film Plotter Cutter | Mobile Phone Screen Protector Film Cutting Machine
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DIY Film Plotter Cutter | Mobile Phone Screen Protector Film Cutting Machine

DIY protector film cutting machines can be cut for varieties models of mobile phones, PAD, smartwatches, cameras, etc. Want to find the best phone screen protective film cutting machine at cost price from China digital plotter cutter machine manufacture - DEKCEL CNC.
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What Is Protector Film Cutting Machine? 

smart protector film cutter machine

Screen film cutting machine is the newly arrived product for on-demand cutting screen protector films. The DIY protector film cutting machine not only cuts all models of front films, back films, explosion-proof films, full screen films and coverage back films of mobile phones, tablets, watches, cameras, airpod, etc. but also can solve the traditional overstock problem.

This screen protector film cutting machine is supported WIFI connection, App control, higher cutting precision, LED touch screen, automatic feeding and withdrawal system, 20 national multi-languages, 15,000 products models. It can cut the protective film for electrical products of different sizes and models.

protector film plotter cutter

Features of DIY Protector Film Plotter Cutter

1.) Higher cutting precision < 0.1mm.

2.) Auto feeding system and auto withdraw after cutting.

3.) Built-in intelligent screen, touch screen operation.

4.) Self-developed system with function upgrade. One-button to cut, easy to operate.

5.) Fully automatic, easy to operate, just select models, one-click send to cut films.

6.) WIFI connection and control for film cutting machine.

7.) There are 15,000+ products models, Cloud data update, real-time update models automatically.

8.) Multilanguage switching currently contains 20 national languages, free switching.

9.) Real-time data visualization:

The data of film cutting on the same day and every month can be checked in real-time to analyze and adjust the marketing strategy and improve the conversion rate

Technical Parameters of Protector Film Cutter

Product Name

DIY Smart Protector Film Cutting Plotter Machine

Cutting material

TPU,Nano, carbon fiber, silk fabric material screen protetcor, Colorful back film, Aurora back film Clear, matte, Anti blue ray front protector material


Full screen coverage, hole position fitting

Data base

Real-time update, product information never stop

Max paper width


Max paper depth


Cutting speed(four gears adjustment)


Cutting accuracy


Recutting accuracy


Cutting pressure

150g-450g((30-90 Gear set)

File format





24V 2.75A DC




+5°C- +35°C

Product size





100% tested by QC before shipment



Mobile Phone Protector Film Cutting Machine Details Show

LED Touch Screen Operation Interface

Independent research and development of software, system security and stability, easy to operate.

film protector machine LED touch screen

Automatic Feeding System

When we put the material on the sensing area, the steel axes will automatically rolling to feed the film and fixed up well by pinch roller. No need to fix material manually.

phone sreen film machine automatic feeding system

High Quality Sharp Knife Cutting Needle

Extremely fast cutting speed, cutting precision <0.1mm, perfect output films with round and smooth edges.

protective film cutting machine needle

Protector Film Models Select

More than 15,000 styles of data, covering all brands and models of front films, back films and full coverage back films, suitable for mobile phones, tablets, watches, cameras, air-pods, ect.

screen protector film model

Multi Language Free Switching

Currently, our DIY protector film cutting machine contains 20 national languages and free switching.

( Chinese, English, Español, Portugués, Deutsch, Pусский, امارات عربية متحدة, にほんこく,УКРАЇНА, Việt Nam, 한국인, ภาษาไทย, Türkçe , Malaysia, বাংলা, العربية, Suomi, မြန်မာဘာသာ )

DIY screen protector film cutter machine languages

Phone APP

Data Visualization In Real Time

The data of film cutting on the same day and every month can be checked in real time to analyze and adjust the marketing strategy and improve the conversion rate.

phone app view film cutter data

How To Operate The Film Cutting Machine?

how to cut mobile protector film

how to cut protector film

Step1. Place the film materials

Push down the pinch roller handle and prepare one piece of screen protector film as bellowing picture.

Make sure it is smooth without bend fold or lack of layer.

Place the film on the area as shown;

Push forward the film material to the bottom of the pinch roller and raise the pinch roller handle.

Step 2. Select Phone model and start cutting

Select the brand and model of the mobile phone you need to cut on the homepage.

Click [START CUTTING] button to start cutting.

select phone protector film model
protector film

Step 3. Finish cutting

The film will be pushed out after cutting. Press down pinch roller handle to take out the film finally.

Cleaning the phone screen and pasted with the new protector film.

DIY Screen Protector Film Plotter Cutter

Working Video

Smart Protector Film Cutting Machine accessories

smart phone screen film cutter packing list

Film Cutting Machine Logistics Packing

protector film cutting machine logistics packing

Application of DIY Protector Film Cutting Machine

Application Materials

This screen protector film cutting machine is a products developed for cutting flexible PET screen protector, TPU screen protector, hydraulic screen protector and other mobile phone flexible shatterproof screen protector.

Application Products

There are thousands kind of film cutting mould for Cell Phone, Watch ,Ipad, smart watches, camera, POS, ordering payment machine and so on. You can find easy from our protector film cutting system.

DIY phone screen protective film plotter cutting machine

Mobile Phone Screen Protector Film Cutting Machine

mobile phone screen protector film cutting machine

Smart Watch Film Cutting Machine

smart watch film cutting machine

Tablet Pad Protector Film Cutter

tablet pad protector film cutter

Smart Watch Screen Protector Film Cutting Machine

samrt watch screen protector film cutting machine

Camera Screen Protective Film Cutter Plotter

camera screen protective film cutter plotter

Game Console Screen Film Cutting Machine

game console screen film cutting machine

POS Machine Screen Film Cutting Machine

POS machine screen film cutting machine


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