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Cnc Basics
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Cnc Basics

  • [Oscillating cutting solution] How To Cut PDLC Smart Film | Switchable Film ?

    Smart PDLC Film is also known as switchable film, it is an ideal products for the privacy space, our CNC knife cutting plotter machine process the smart PDLC film by knife blade, there is no delamination after cutting, which have good performace and cutting effect for processing the PDLC film, smart film and switchable film. DEKCEL CNC has rich experience for processing variety of materials, from this artical we will show you how to cut the smart PDLC film.

  • [Oscillating cutting solution] Flatbed 1.1kw Router Spindle CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Plotter Machine

    Today our DEK-1625M model knife cutter machine will be ready to be packaged and sent to our Russian customers. This CNC knife cutting machine equipped with electric oscillating tool, creasing wheel, v-cutter, 1.1kw Italy router spindle, which can both cut soft and hard material.

  • [Oscillating cutting solution] How To Choose Right Knife Cutting Tool For CNC Gasket Machine ?

    Dekcel CNC gasket cutting machine adopt advanced digital KINCO control system and intelligent tool switching system, you can easily choose the EOT tool or POT tool according the gasket material. Our company have many experience for cutting gasket, we can offer you the right gasket cutting solution according your request. This article will help you how to choose the right cutting tool for gasket.

  • [Cnc laser solution] How to control the cutting quality of fiber laser cutter cnc machine

    Many companies use fiber metal laser cutting machines are very concerned about how to cut good quality workpieces ?Three factors that affect the cutting quality: focus position, cutting speed, output power. DEKCEL CNC analyze it for you

  • [Cnc laser solution] Solution for large cutting gap of metal fiber laser machine

    Fiber laser cutting machine has become an indispensable tool in sheet metal processing industry. The advantages of high cutting precision and high efficiency make the fiber laser cutting machine quickly occupy the market.

  • [Cnc laser solution] How to avoid the burrs by fiber laser machine cutting metal ?

    Sometimes the metal cutting edge will have some burrs and not smooth while using a fiber laser cutter machine to process metal materials. Here, we have compiled a list of factors and solutions are easy to burrs for your reference .

  • [Cnc laser solution] Correctly Starting !!! SS Metal Fiber Laser Cutter Machine

    In the process of using the stainless steel fiber cutter machine, Correctly switching on the stainless steel fiber cutter machine Not only can increase the life of the fiber cutter machine, And it also allows us to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble (such as damage to the body, causing a short circuit,It even caused the machine parts to burn out, etc.).

  • [Laser marking solution] The different power of UV laser marking machine

    The UV laser marking machine is a high-end marking machine on the market, also price is a little expensive than others.UV laser marking machine has minimal focus spot and thermal processing area very small, so it can be used for superfine marking and special material marking

  • [Laser marking solution] China UV laser marking machine manufacturer

    UV laser marking machine is a high performance laser marking machine in the Dekcel laser marking machine series.The UV laser marking machine mainly uses a UV laser generator with 355nm wavelength as the core component, and cooperates with the third-order intracavity frequency multiplication technolo

  • [Cnc laser solution] The solution of metal fiber laser cutting machine processing copper

    As everyone knows,Metal copper is a material with good thermal conductivity,it is also high reflective material.For metal laser cutting machines,it is a material that difficult to process.But copper is a relatively ordinary material for our daily processing.What better processing solution?

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