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  • [ DEKCELCNC News] CCD Camera contour oscillating knife blade cutter machine delivery to Romania customer
    CCD Camera oscillating knife blade cutting machine delivery to Romania customer,China digital oscillating knife blade cutting plotter machine with cost price for sale,our machine can be equipped with electric oscillating cut tool and pneumatic oscillating tool,which is designed to cut carton board,cardboard,corrugated board,EVA,foam,printed KT / PVC board or other kinds material such as fabric,leather,cloth,vinyl ect.
  • [ DEKCELCNC News] UK customer's feedback of china wood cnc laser cutting machine
    Dekcel pursue is to reach customer satisfaction; Today we glad to recieved a good feedback from UK customer who buy our Dekcel cnc laser machine to cutting wood, acrylic,mdf sheet etc material.If you want to buy cnc laser machine cutting wood,acrylic,mdf from China,please contact with Jinan Dekcel Company.
  • [ DEKCELCNC News] New cnc laser engraving machine ready ship to US from china
    After 7 days production, the cnc laser engraving machine DEK-1390J with 150W laser ready to ship to US from china DEKCEL factory.
  • [ DEKCELCNC News] Laser cutting machine VS Plasma cutting machine. Which one is better?
    CNC laser cutting machine is a combination of laser cutting technology and numerical control technology, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, high efficiency and so on.CNC plasma cutting machine is a new type of thermal cutting equipment, which uses high-temperature plasma arc
  • [ DEKCELCNC News] KT board cutting machine for advertising industry
    If you need to cut KT board, make different billboards, display stand, model etc, KT board cutting machine is your best choice.
  • [ DEKCELCNC News] LED bulb fiber laser marking machine to illuminate the lighting new horizons
    Jinan Dekcel company developed single head and double head light bulb dedicated LED light fiber laser marking machine,to meet customer a variety of processing, and further improve production efficiency.
  • [ DEKCELCNC News] The difference with wood cnc router and advertising cnc router
    Speaking of wood cnc router and advertising cnc router, by definition, wood cnc router is for woodworking industry, advertising cnc router is for advertising industry. What is the difference between them?
  • [ DEKCELCNC News] High 600mm Z axis wood cnc engraving router machine is ready to be delivered to UAE
    High Z axis wood cnc router is ready to be delivered to UAE.
  • [ DEKCELCNC News] Laser marking machine marking solution has a variety of features
    With the current rapid development of automotive, metal, electronics and other industries , the demand for laser marking machine significantly increased. In the product marking industry, the laser marking machine will be a trend, its development prospects unpredictable.
  • [ DEKCELCNC News] Break though of the United States blockage, 20000W fiber laser cutting machine generator in production
    According to new information published by Raycus,at present the project of 20000W fiber laser cutting machine generator has entered the stage of installation,expected to be mass production by 2018.
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