Prepreg Cutting Machine | Composite Carbon Fiberglass Cutter Price
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Prepreg Cutting Machine | Composite Carbon Fiberglass Cutter Price

Affordable industrial composite prepreg cutting machine is fully automatic equipment, fast cutting speed, high precision, want to find prepreg cutting machine for any composite materials from China digital plotter cutter manufacture - DEKCEL CNC.
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Industrial Prepreg Composite Carbon Fiberglass Cutting Machine 

DEKCEL prepreg cutting machine is a new type computerized equipment to cut prepegs materials, the pre-preg carbon fiber cutting machine is equipped with powerful driven rotary tool and tungsten steel blade that enables to cut prepregs, carbon fiber fabric, fiberglass and other composite materials with different thickness, guaranteeing a perfect cut in terms of accuracy and quality.


In the field of prepreg composite materials processing, our fully automatic CNC knife cutter plotter machine can not only ensure the quality of products but take superiority in terms of processing speed. High precision cutting maximum improves the prepreg composite materials utilization.

How do you cut the prepreg carbon fiberglass materials?

Prepregs, carbon fiber sheets, fiberglass fabric, and other composite materials can be cut with standard tools, ranging from manual scissors and knife cutting for thinner sheets to the automatic digital cutting system. Please check below the fully automatic prepreg carbon fiber cutting machine video:

Features of Prepreg Composite Cutting Machine

DEKCEL fully automatic composite material cutting system to cut single layer and multilayer carbon fiberglass materials. It adopts an advanced digital KINCO control system, new conception and reasonable design were adopted, rational and stable performance, easy operation, and routine maintenance. The carbon fiberglass cutting machine possesses superior fast cutting speed and high-precision function, and high efficiency.

industrial prepreg cutter


Materials can be processed: prepregs, carbon fiber, glass fiber, 3D fabrics, carbon felt, etc.

The prepregs cutting equipment mainly used for high-performance applications in industries such as aerospace, military, automotive, sports, automotive fields, and wind energy.

Prepreg composite material cutting machine

prepreg composite material cutting machine

Composite carbon fiber cutter


Composite fiberglass cutting machine


Fiberglass sheet blanket cutting machine


Carbon fiber felt cutter


Multilayer carbon fiberglass cutting machine


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