Economic ATC cnc router for wooden door and furniture
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Economic ATC cnc router for wooden door and furniture

Economic ATC cnc router for wooden door and furniture with high-strength body design and the Y-axis dual-motor drive, a more rational design, processing speed, easy maintenance, low failure.
  • DEK-1325M-4T


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Advanced cnc router bits for cutting wood

Multi heads four processing economic ATC wood cutting cnc router  for complicated processing is one type of cnc router for multi wood patterns engraving.multi heads atc wood carving cnc router machine has multi spindles can change automatically to carving the different patterns with high precision and can save much time.The spindle can be 2,3,4 etc.

Economic ATC cnc router for wood cutting Features 
1. Equiped with 4 spindle; greatly saving cost and increasing working efficiency.
2. The distance between heads can be adjusted according to the working pieces being processed
3. One spindle working or multi-spindle working are optional according to different demands
4. Spindles of different powers of air/water cooling are optional
5. Rotary of different diameters and length for the cylinder or column engraving.
6. Especially firm structure and special design on details (steel frame structure, T-Slot, Cylinder for spindle, etc.) make the machine to achieve the best performance results
7. Optional quantities of spindle are : two spindles , three spindles , four spindles , etc. 
Economic ATC wood cutting cnc router Advantages 
1.Integral frame,strong stiff,high intensity,non deformation under long time load.
2.Configured with constant power inverter driven system, spindle motor cooled by water,high cutting intensity,prolong lifetime of tools.
3.All axis adopt linear square guide rail,double row and four column ball slider,big bearing capacity,running smoothy
4.Optimization of mechanical and electrical design,adopt most advanced professional controlling system and code format,processing with high speed and precision.

Technician parameter of economic ATC cnc router cutting wood



Working area

1300 x 2500 x 200mm

Machine size

3200 x 2100 x 1800mm



X-Y movement

Helical Rack and pinion

Z movement

Ball screw


Linear 20 square rail/Taiwan

Max. speed


Max. cutting speed


Spindle power

4.5KW air cooling spindle

Spindle speed


Inverter power


Motor and Driver

Stepper motor and Leadshine 860 driver

Working voltage

AC380V/50-60Hz, 3-phase

Command code

G code / HPGL

Computer interface

USB 2.0




Type3 Software/Artcam/Wentai


Weihong control system

Packing dimensions

3200 x 2100 x 1800mm, 1300kg

Standard equipment included

1. Auto tool surface sensor

2. Manual oil lubrication system

3. Dust Collector

Four china air cooling spindle of wood cutting cnc router machine
Economic ATC cnc router spindle 

Vacuum table with 9 vacuum zones, which can adsorb different size materials.
Economic ATC cnc router spindle vacuum table

Taiwan Hiwin square rails
Economic ATC cnc router spindle square rails

Economic ATC cnc router spindle injection system

Economic ATC cnc router spindle feeding system

Economic ATC cnc router spindle parts

Economic ATC cnc router application
♦ Furniture Industry: cnc router machine for wooden door cutting, wood furniture,paint doors, paint cabinet doors, bathroom cabinets and other plate;
♦ Advertising Industry: Logo, meeting sign board, signage, billboard etc;
♦ Artwork and Decoration Industry: wood crafts, gift wood box etc;
♦ Electronic Industry: circuit board, insulation material etc;
♦ Music Industry: musical instrument, loudspeaker box etc;
♦ Soft metal: aluminum, copper etc;

Economic ATC cnc router for wood

Economic ATC cnc router for wooden door

Economic ATC cnc router for wooden furniture

Economic ATC cnc router for cutting furniture

Economic ATC cnc router for engraving on wood

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