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As we all know, paper plays an extremely important role in people’s daily life. On the one hand, we can write in them. On the other hand, paper can be cut and engraved into various shapes as well. What kind of cnc machines can cut and engrave paper? Well, Jinan dekcel cnc company offers cnc co2 laser cutting and engraving machines, which is able to do this job perfectly. Normally speaking, we can use cnc co2 laser nonmetal cutting machine for the paper cutting industry, the gift packaging industry, decoration industry etc. Not only can the paper become more beautiful, but also we will send our sincere wishes to our friends or relatives. In addition, when it comes to the paper packaging marking industry, the cnc co2 laser marker will be needed. The cnc co2 laser marker for nonmetal can mark the brands, logos, warning signs etc clearly and the marking sighs will last for a long time. Want to know the price of cnc co2 laser cutting and engraving machine and cnc co2 laser marker of Dekcel cnc company? Leave a message, we will always be at your service.


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