How to use KINCO Digital Knife Cutter Plotter Software?
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How to use KINCO Digital Knife Cutter Plotter Software?

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How to use KINCO Digital Knife Cutter Plotter Software?

How to use KINCO Digital Knife Cutter Plotter Software?

A good quality digital knife cutter plotter machine can highly improve the cutting speed, processing accuracy, and production efficiency. Using the digital knife plotter cutter machine, you will experience many benefits. This article will show you how to operate the digital plotter cutter properly.

how to use digital plotter KINCO software

Part 1. Machine Input Power Connection

Connect Input Power AC 220v±10%,50Hz-60Hz for digital knife cutter machine.

Switch on the machine and computer.

digital plotter cutter machine power

Part 2. Digital Cutter Machine Data Cable Connection

Digital Cutter Machine Data Cable Connection

Use the Kinco data transfer cable to connect the machine with a PC or laptop network port.

kinko cable connection

Part 3. Kinco Software Installation

Unzip the software folder, and create a shortcut on the computer desktop, as the below picture show:

digital plotter knife cutter software install

You can double click the KINCO icon to open the machine software, as the below picture show:

kinco software

Part 4. How To Change Into English Version

[ 优化整版图形Optimize ]- [ 配置选项...config...[P] ]-  中文+EN  - English.

kinco software change to english

Part 5. Machine Parameters Setting

Please power on the machine and connect well the data cables with the computer, set the right IP address, then do the below steps:

5.1 open the software and click [File] - [Machine Param].


5.2 click get机器到电脑because the machine tested well and parameters saved in the kinco control board, click this button, the software will get all the parameters from the control board.


5.3 click [Optimize] - [config...]

kinco software config

Same function for click config button:

kinco config button

5.4 check the 【workrect】, please set the X-2500 / Y - 1600.

kinco software workrect

As below picture show:

kinco software machine show

Part 6. Transfer Cutting File To Kinco Panel

Normally, we draw the file by software like Illustrator / CorelDRAW / AutoCAD / Solidworks, then export the file as a vector file like ***.plt/ or ***.dxf.

kinco processing file design

6.1 Import the processing file to kinco software.

[File] - [Open] or [open dxf / plt] to import the processing file.

kinco software import file

After importing the file to the software, if the file is not in the original position, please choose all the files and click the C on the keyboard; the file will move to the original position of kinco software.

6.2 Choose all the line file and click  set for cutting.

kinco processing file setting

6.3 choose all the file and click  ↓  send the file to the machine control panel.

kinco software send cutting file

Part 7. EOT & POT Tool Cutting Knife Setting


Part 8. Cutting Speed Setting

Press   speed  cut  1000  , you can change the processing speed for cutting.

kinco cut speed setting

Put the material on the working table, open the vacuum pump  vacuum  , move the head to the right start position, set well the right depth for knife and cutting speed, then set zero set zero  Frame [ ]  - Repeat repeat (Repeat function as Start ).


At present, the oscillating knife cutting machines have become more and more reliable and useful, opening up a wide range of new applications.

If you are unsure how to select the appropriate machine, DEKCEL CNC offers six ways to help you to choose digital knife plotter cutters.

In different industries with different materials and processing technology, there are many types of digital Knife cutting plotter systems for processing various materials. For more oscillating knife cutting machines, please visit our catalog of digital knife cutter plotter machines.

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