Plywood and Die board
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Plywood and Die board

Generally speaking, plywood and die board belong to the wood type, which are usually used for packaging case, wooden box, door, table etc. According to their characters, Jinan dekcel cnc company offers cnc co2 laser cutter and engraver, cnc router for wood engraving and cutting to processing them into various kinds of practical products. What are the differences between the cnc co2 laser cutter and cnc wood engraving router machine? Well, first, the cnc router for wood engraving is able to cut at a fast speed, so the efficiency is higher than cnc co2 laser cutter for wood. Second, cnc wood carving machine router can engrave the complex patterns, while the cnc co2 laser cutter cannot. But when engraving the straight angle. As long as you choose the right cnc co2 laser cutter for your production, the machine can help you complete the production work efficiently.

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