Pneumatic Oscillating Tool | What is POT tool?
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Pneumatic Oscillating Tool | What is POT tool?

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Pneumatic Oscillating Tool | What is POT tool?

What Is POT Tool?

POT tool, as its name suggests, it is an air-driven tool, has focused its attention on cutting tough, dense, often multi-layered materials but can also handle soft, thicker ones. The input air pressure to ensure the normal operation of the pneumatic oscillating tool is at least 0.8Mpa ~ 1.0Mpa. In addition, the input gas must be dry, oil-free, and no water, otherwise it will affect the service life of the POT tool.

In order to meet the different application requirements, the exceptionally powerful POT tool is possible to process materials up to 110 mm / 4 inches thick.

Pneumatic Oscillating Tool Show


Pneumatic Oscillating Tool Advantage
High-performance cutting tool with 5mm ~ 10 mm stroke.
Powerful, low-maintenance pneumatic tool.
Two versions available for 0.6 mm or 1.5 mm blade thicknesses.
How To Use and Operate POT Tool?

POT Tool Parameters
Input Pressure 0.6 - 1.0 Mpa
Frequency 133.33Hz | 8000 strokes/min
Vibration Amplitude 5mm-10mm
Cutting Blade 0.63mm, 1mm
POT Tool Application

Foam board, sponge foam, EVA, honeycomb board, corrugated board, rubber, gasket, insulation board, multi-layered fabric cutting

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