Digital CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine | Corrugated Sheet Knife Cutter Price
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Digital CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine | Corrugated Sheet Knife Cutter Price

Dekcel cnc digital honeycomb corrugated board oscillating cutter machine is specially for cutting carton board,corrugated board,honeycomb board,machine adopt Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver,fast cutting speed and high precision,save time,save cost,highly improve the production efficiency.
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Digital CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine | Corrugated Sheet Knife Cutter 

honeycomb electric oscillating tool cutter machine

20mm Honeycomb Package Board Oscillating & V-cutter Tool Working Video

Features of Corrugated Cardboard Oscillating Cutter Plotter:

1. Dekcel digtal honeycomb oscillating knife cutter machine adopt Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver,high precision cutting no need die cut.

electric oscillating tool base with yaskawa servo motor

2.Real-time,fast,convenient for sample making,short run/batch/quantity production,rapidly improving enterprises' efficiency and competitiveness.

3. You can design and draw the package by CorelDRAW,illustrator,Solidworks,AutoCAD ect,Make customized and small quantity production without making dies, saving much cost and time.

digital electric oscillating knife cutter plotter control software

4.Oscillating knife for cutting 15mm-60mm thickness corrugated boards,honeycomb,foam,EPE,PP corrugated. 

5. Drag knife for cutting 0.1mm- 3mm thickness paper or card boards.

6. Suitable for carton factory, printing plant, paper shelf/display manufacturer, packaging material plant, die cut factory, and so on.

7. As below multi function head show : Electric Oscillating Tool + V-cutter Tool,can cut v-shape groove ,easy for package folding.

corrugated electric oscillating cutter plotter

8.If the thickness of carton package board,paper board or card sheet less than 6mm,

electric oscillating knife cutter machine

Corrugated sheet board is a rugged, cost-effective, are used in the aerospace, marine, transportation, automotive and wind energy industries due to their light weight, strength, rigidity and stability.A variety of material types are used in honeycomb panels including plastics, composites, aluminum and wood depending on the panels application and construction.

 digital carton corrugated board packge box oscillating knife cutter plotter machine


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