HSD 5+4 Boring Spindle ATC Wood Furniture Cutting Drilling Engraving CNC Router
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HSD 5+4 Boring Spindle ATC Wood Furniture Cutting Drilling Engraving CNC Router

Dekcel ATC wood furniture production cutting and drilling cnc router with 5+4 boring head ideally suitable for processing customized cabinet door,wooden door,solid wood furniture,panel furniture,office furniture,windows,tables and chairs,etc.Saving time,labor and materials,no human intervention,minimizing error rate,ensure the quality of the order
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HSD 5+4 Boring Spindle ATC Wood Furniture Cutting Drilling Engraving CNC Router
ATC wood furniture production line cutting drilling cnc router machine

Main Feature of HSD 5+4 Boring Head Furniture Production Line
 Automatical labeling: can show a barcode/order No./ board size etc. information on each board. the label information also can be customized according to your requirement.
  Automatical feeding : suck the board to the next process automatically.
 Automatical CNC processing: can cutting,milling, drilling, engraving...etc.automatically.

 Automatical discharge : after process, the boards are discharged automatically.

Furniture Cutting and Vertical Drilling Video Show

Description of 5+4 HSD Boring Head Furniture CNC router 

1. Perfect Function,automatic feeding,drilling,slot,cutting,automatic unloading in one step. 
2.Saving time and labor,materials,replace traditional CAD draftsmen,splitting worker,cutting worker,only need 8 minutes to input size and design and split.Automatic layout optimization,improve material utilization.
3. High quantity,automatic design,automatic typesetting,no human intervention.minimizing error rate to minimum,ensure the quality of the order.
4. The two spindle is HSD 9.0KW Air-cooling spindle and 5+4 boring & drilling head. 
5. High efficiency:advanced ATC (automatic tool change) program,without human intervention,program automatically.

6. Strong two layers vacuum table with 1325 vacuum holes to suck tightly of the work piece,24 partition design,strong adsorption materials of different area,greatly improve the work efficiency.

Parameters of 5+4 HSD Boring Head Furniture Cutting & Drilling CNC router


Furniture Production Line with HSD 5+4 Vertical Drilling Head

Working travel


Table structure

vacuum table

Guide rail

All Taiwan HIWIN/PMI square guide rail 25

XY axis transmission

Helical rack&pinion transmission

Z axis

Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission

Working precision


Repositioning precision


Max air move speed


Max working speed


Controlling system

Tiawan Syntec Intelligent Cutting System

Spindle power

9kw air cooling ATC spindle

Spindle rotating speed


CNC boring head

Italy HSD 5+4 vertical drilling unit


11KW Fulling inverter(Delta optional)

Driving system

850w Japan YASKAWA or panasonic servo motor with Shimpo reducer


G code

Oiling system


Working voltage

AC 380v/3phase


Automatic loading and unloading device,automatic label function

Dust collector

2 units of double bags dust collector

Vacuum pump

Double 7.5kw Air vacuum pump

Software  Compatibility

Type3 Software, (Option: Artcam Software)

Running Environment Temperature

0 - 45 Centigrade

Furniture Production Line Details Show

wood furniture production line boring head

ATC wood furniture production line HSD boring head 5+4 vertical drilling  & drill holes automatic

ATC furniture production line drilling HSD boring head

ATC furnitue cutting cnc router with 12 position tools

ATC furnitue cutting cnc router 12 position tools

ATC furniture engraving cnc router with Yaskawa motor & Shimpo reducer

furniture engraving cnc router yaskawa motor

Furniture productin line wood plate auto suction system

furniture productin line wood plate auto loading system

ATC furniture wood plate loading system with auto up & down fuction

furniture production line loading system.jpg

Application of ATC HSD Vertical Drilling Furniture Engraving Router Rachine

1.Furniture industry: all kinds of board type furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, solid wood furniture, cutting and engraving
2..The advertising industry,:craft gifts, crystal ornaments, advertisement sign, mini word engraving cutting, etc
3.The decoration profession: acrylic, PVC, density board, plastic, aluminum and copper and other soft cut sheet metal ornamental engraving milling processing
4.Panel processing: particle board, ecological board, joinery board, medium density fiberboard,insulation, plastic chemical parts; PCB. Move the car body, bowling track; Resistance times the special plate, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and so on carbide mixture

wood plate furniture production cnc router sample.jpg


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