Electric Oscillating Tool | What is EOT tool ?
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Electric Oscillating Tool | What is EOT tool ?

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Electric Oscillating Tool | What is EOT tool ?

What Is Electric Oscillating Tool ?

Electric Oscillating Tool Definition

The EOT tool (i.e., electric oscillating tool) is mainly used for cutting soft to medium-density materials. The high oscillating frequency of the EOT makes it possible to cut at high processing speeds and offer a perfect processing effect.

There is a wide range of EOT blades to accommodate different substrates. Depending on the application, the EOT is available with a 0.63mm or 1mm cutting blade. If the thickness of the material is less than 3mm, Dekcel recommends using a 0.63mm blade; Thicker materials require the EOT tool with a 1mm cutting blade.

Electric Oscillating Tool Show
High frequency vibration.
Fast processing speed.
Wide range of processing materials.
High cutting precision.
EOT Tool Parameters
Motor Power
266.66Hz | 16000 strokes/min
Vibration Amplitude 1mm
Cutting Blade 0.63mm, 1mm
Application Materials

KT board, foam board, honeycomb board, car mat, seat cover, corrugated board, cardboard, PVC board, gray board, composite materials, leather, rubber.


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Electric Oscillating Tool - EOT Tool Install and Operate Method

How to use the electric oscillating tool and how to operate the EOT tool, please following below video.

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