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Manufacturers and factory direct sale CNC equipment for cnc router,cnc laser,laser cutter to buyer with cost price and free cnc router laser support from China Dekcel.

Welcome to DEKCEL CNC,where our friendly and knowledgeable staffs are happy to assist you with your CNC needs.

Dekcel  is focus on the design, production, manufacturing, trade and service of china cnc router laser machine, and provide high quality and good price cnc router laser cutter worldwide.

DEKCEL do not just sell CNC machines. We offer CNC solutions to Customers. Provision of a CNC machine is more than just the provision of a machine tool.....


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Jinan DEKCEL-China cnc router laser manufacturers and supplier who can provide a range of CNC Router,cnc laser,plasma cutting machine ,laser marking machine etc. Having manufactured, sold,installed and supported over 7000 CNC machines.


Learn about the application of cnc router,different types of cnc router laser used in wood working,stone,metal and more industries.
EPE foam oscillating knife cutter
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Fiberglass absorbent oscillating knife cutter machine
Digital CCD Camera Oscillating Cutter Machine
paper card board sample oscilalting knife cutter machine
Advertising kt board oscillating cutter machine
EPE foam package oscillating knife cutter plotter machine
electric oscillating cutter plotter for honeycomb corrugated board package
car mat floor mat oscillating knife cutter machine
leather pen mark and oscillating knife cutter machine
seal rubber cork gasket oscillating knife cutter machine
carton board package box oscillating knife cutter machine
carpet rugs oacillating knife cutter plotter machine
China cylinder stone carving machine-cnc router manufacturers
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China Plasma cutting machine for metal-cnc router manufacturers
China Cnc router engraving and cutting wood-cnc router manufacturers
China cnc metal plasma cutter for sale-cnc router manufacturers
carpet floor mat oscillating cutter plotter
Sound Proofing Cotton Foam Oscillating Cutter Plotter Machine
klinger gasket oscilalting cutter machine
Package corrugated cellular paper board oscillating cutter
EVA foam oscillating cutter machine
leather fabric oscillating knife cutter machine
CCD Visual Contour Oscillating Digital Cutter Machine
EVA foam package case inserts oscillating knie cutter machine
honeycomb plate package box oscillating cutter plotter
foam eva rubber pneumatic oscillating tool knife cutter machine
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Furniture production line video

China Furniture production line woodworking cnc router machine

Fiber laser cutting machine video

China carbon steel fiber laser cutting machine

Oscillating knife cutting machine video

China Oscillating knife cutting machine for carton box

Nonmetal laser cutting machine video

China Co2 cnc laser cutting hole on acrylic
  • fiber laser cutter machine setting.jpg

    How to control the cutting quality of fiber laser cutter cnc machine

    Many companies use fiber metal laser cutting machines are very concerned about how to cut good quality workpieces ?Three factors that affect the cutting quality: focus position, cutting speed, output power. DEKCEL CNC analyze it for you
  • solution for fiber laser cutting big gap.jpg

    Solution for large cutting gap of metal fiber laser machine

    Fiber laser cutting machine has become an indispensable tool in sheet metal processing industry. The advantages of high cutting precision and high efficiency make the fiber laser cutting machine quickly occupy the market.
  • fiber laser cutting burrs.jpg

    How to avoid the burrs by fiber laser machine cutting metal ?

    Sometimes the metal cutting edge will have some burrs and not smooth while using a fiber laser cutter machine to process metal materials. Here, we have compiled a list of factors and solutions are easy to burrs for your reference .
  • Correctly Starting Fiber Laser Cutter Machine .jpg

    Correctly Starting !!! SS Metal Fiber Laser Cutter Machine

    In the process of using the stainless steel fiber cutter machine, Correctly switching on the stainless steel fiber cutter machine Not only can increase the life of the fiber cutter machine, And it also allows us to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble (such as damage to the body, causing a short circuit,It even caused the machine parts to burn out, etc.).
  • UV laser marking machine.jpg

    The different power of UV laser marking machine

    The UV laser marking machine is a high-end marking machine on the market, also price is a little expensive than others.UV laser marking machine has minimal focus spot and thermal processing area very small, so it can be used for superfine marking and special material marking
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  • We have been in this field for 11 years,we have CE,CO,ISO,FDA certificates,have exported to Europe,South America,Arab,Asia,Russia,Spain,Australia and many more countries.

  • The professional CNC router,laser,plasma cutter we offer have exceptional long term stability, high cutting performance potential in a variety of applications and the machine systems are built to last. The professional CNC router,laser,plasma cutter we offer have exceptional long te

  • Free parts send to you in machine warranty period if machine have any problem. If the parts less than 0.5KG, we pay the postage. If it exceeds 0.5KG, you need to pay the postage.

  • If you are looking to get into the CNC world, have a CNC application in mind, have a new business idea or looking to further your production, have a look at what DEKCEL have to offer you!

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