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  • [Cnc router solution] The Common used engraving software for cnc router for wood engraving industry

    As we all know that a proper engraving software is an essential part for a quality and beautiful carving products made by wood carving cnc router machine. Dekcel cnc company is going to share several common software for wood engraving cnc router engraver.

  • [Cnc router solution] Avoid traps!What are the external factors for affecting cnc woodworking router machines usage?

    There are some matters should be pay attention to for the daily usage of cnc woodworking router machines. If you ignores these issues,it will cause some damage and shorten lifetime of cnc router for wood carving.As a cnc router wood engraving machine buyer,this article about the daily maintenance of cnc router machine for wood will be a benefit for you.

  • [Laser marking solution] How much do you know about cnc laser marking machine of hardware?

    The hardware is used widely. We can see the hardware products everywhere in our life. All kinds of letter, brand, production date, pattern and so on on the surface of hardware. So do you know, how to make those patterns on the surface of hardware with high speed and precision? Yes, it is a good chance for you to choosing the laser marking machine for your work.
    How much do you know about cnc laser marking machine of hardware?

  • [Cnc router solution] What are the differences between cnc router machine and laser engraving machine?

    The cnc engraving router machine and cnc laser engraving machine all can engrave cut many kinds of materials. Such as wood, MDF, acrylic, double color board, PVC, stone and other materials. But what are the difference between cnc router machine and laser engraving machine in processing materials aspects. Today we will introduce this question.

  • [Cnc laser solution] Three Shocking Facts About Laser Engraving Machine

    With the repaid development of laser industry, many people do not understand the laser equipment. This article will introduce the advantages of laser engraving cutting machine from three aspects: good cutting quality, high cutting efficiency and fast cutting speed.

  • [Cnc router solution] The attentions before starting wood cutting cnc router

    The attentions before starting wood cutting cnc routerJinan Dekcel cnc company offers wood cutting cnc router.Dekcel owns professional and experienced workers who are able to solve all the problems the users of wood cutting cnc router machine meet, which guarantee the good quality and great after-sa

  • [Cnc laser solution] The Further development of Oscillating knife cutting machine

    For several years, Oscillating knife cutting machine are used to cut and severe foamed materials etc. The band knives run over a plurality of knife deflecting pulleys and span freely in a cutting zone for a length of up to 2.5 m. Such a cutting machine is known, for example, from the applicant's documents DE 11 84 069 or DE 75 50 595. With such cutting machines, however, it is necessary to return the band knife above the material so that a large frame is required for the circulating band knife. A Oscillating knife cutting machine is known from DE 101 29 909, in which the band knife is twisted by means of a knife rotating head, so as to perform contour cutting.

  • [Cnc laser solution] The Development of Oscillating knife cutting machine

    Cutting machines, in particular cutting machines for cutting plastic and foamed materials, are faced with ever increasing demands with respect to cutting quality, speed and robustness.

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