4040 Mini DSP Mini Metal Mold Engraving Milling CNC Router
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4040 Mini DSP Mini Metal Mold Engraving Milling CNC Router

Dekcel DSP mini mold milling router machine is widely used in processing metal (aluminum, brass, stainless steel), wood, acrylic, dual color board, plastic, stone, glass as well as many other nonmetal materials, and can do perfect 2D/3D carving or cutting.
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4040 Mini DSP Mini Metal Mold Engraving Milling CNC Router
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Machine Features of Metal Mold Milling Router 
1. whole body is 2 parts ,ensure the high strength of machine . bracket is stainless steel pipe. Whole lathe bed and gantry are whole casting aluminum (whole casting iron is optional)
2. XYZ axis adopt linear square guide rail (Taiwan HIWIN or PMI, diameter 20mm)smooth operation, high precision, long life
3. Adopt Ncstudio control, support win7/xp/2000. control system is Richauto A11S, 512MB. DSP and Mach3 control system is optional. 
4. stainless steel water slot cooling system help cool tools when working, avoide breaking tool, sticking material.
5. Adopt 2.2KW water cooling spindle, big power suitable for engraving and cutting.ER20, support tool diameter 3.175mm,4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12.7mm.
6. The machine is good at in processing all kinds of small workpiece ,widely used in advertising signs, badges, logo, mould construction equipment, mould products, industrial mold, applicable materials are acrylic, double color boards, PCB, copper, aluminum, etc

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Technical Paramters of Mini DSP Milling CNC Router

Model DEK-4040M
Machine body Cast iron
Working area(XYZ axis) 400*400*200mm
Working table T-slot
X Y Z rail PMI/HIWIN linear square guide rail
X Y Z transmission High precision ball screw
Spindle 1.5kw water cooling spindle (big power spindle optional )
Spindle speed 24000rpm
Inverter 2.2KW inverter
Motor Stepper motor
Driver Stepper driver
Transformer Yes
Lubrication Yes
Max. speed 8m/min
Max. working speed 4m/min
Voltage AC 220V/AC 380V 50HZ 
Collets ER20 3.175-12.7mm
Repeat reposition accuracy 0.01mm
Cover X Y Z cover
Command G code
Software Artcam/ Ucancam
Control system Nc Studio 
Optional DEK-6060,DEK-0609,DEK-1212
Servo motor and driver
moving worktable
DSP / Mach3 / Nc studio

Details of 4040 Mini Engraving Router

mini metal mold milling router machine details.jpg

Applications of DSP Milling and Engraving Router
1. Furniture Industry
Be used to engrave wooden doors,cabinets, plate, office and wood furniture, tables, chair, doors and windows.
2. Decoration Industry
Be used to engrave various decorative patterns on the surface of decorative paintings,screens.
3. Musical Instrument Industry
Suitable to engrave decorative patterns on the head of musical instruments, or to process the semi-finished guitars. It also can make three dimensional curved surfaces.
4. Mold Industry
They can make wood molds, evaporated pattern casting molds, food molds, and other molds.

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