Ceramic Fiber Expansion Gasket Cutting Machine | Insulate Foam Mat Oscillating Knife Cutter Plotter
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Ceramic Fiber Expansion Gasket Cutting Machine | Insulate Foam Mat Oscillating Knife Cutter Plotter

Ceramic fiber expansion mat is a basic type of high performance intumescent mat which mainly used in automotive 3-way catalytic converter support mount system .Dekcel cnc digital oscillating knife cutter plotter machine with EOT and POT tool have good performance for cutting ceramic expansion mat .
  • DEK-1625M/DEK-1630


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Ceramic Fiber Expansion Insulate Mat Oscillating Knife Cutter Plotter

ceramic expansion mat oscillating knife cut machine

DEKCEL oscillating knife cutter plotter machine is specially design for cutting ceramic fiber expansion mat , you can cut the sizer of ceramic expansion mat with any length and width.
The ceramic fiber expansion mat is a filter element to enhance the exhaust gas purification which installed inside the 3-way catalytic converter.It can remove harmful gases such as CO.HC.NOX from automobile exhaust and converted into harmless CO2,HO2,N2 by oxidation and reduction reactions.

Three Way Catalytic Converter

Technical Parameter of Leather Cutting Punching Plotter

Model No.


Cutting speed

200-800mm/s(depends on the kind of material)

Moving Speed


Cutting Depth

Max 35mm (depends on the kind of material)

Min.Cutting Diameter


Cutting Media

Corrugated paper, cardboard, grey cardboard, Plastic board,
Foam, EVA foam, rubber, fabric,leather,composite material, etc.

Multi-functional Tool Head

EEOT+POT Creasing Wheel+V-cutter+CCD Vision+Router Spindle

Pen/Blade/Wheel (option)

Gel-ink pen /Cutting blades of different type/ Creasing wheel of different size

Media Fixture Device

Individual section vacuum suction

Repeat Cutting Precision


Safety device

Infrared sensor, responsive, safe and reliable


Serial port and Ethernet port RJ45

Transmitting distance


Buffer Memory


Data transfer rate


Control system

Zhongrui control system

Control Panel

KINCO LED Touch Screen

Transmission System

Digital servo driver;Straight rail;Synchronous belt

Power Supply

AC 220V/380V±10% -50Hz-60Hz

Working Environment

10 to 35 deg.C

Package Size


Package Weight


Details of Leather Cutting,Punching,Drawing Plotter 

1.Multi-function tool head : EOT tool and POT tool

ceramic fiber expaniion oscillating cut tools

2.Gear and rack for transmission,stable performace,fast cutting speed and hing cutting precision.

cnc oscillating knife plotter transmission

3.Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver,

cnc oscillating knife cutter motor

Sample of Leather Cutting,Punching,Pen Marking Machine

Dekcel CNC digital oscillating knife cut plotter is equipped with advanced tool module quick replacement, which is strongly universal, easy, convenient and handy.
Leather----Foot pad, automative cushion,trunk mat, leather seat cover,steering wheel cover---- Oscillating knife.
PVC---Foot pad, trunk mat---- Drag tool
Fabric----Seat cover---- Wheel-cut tool
Plastic loop----Foot pad, trunk mat---- Oscillating knife
Plush material----Foot mat, trunk mat---- Oscillating knife
EVA----Trunk mat---- Oscillating knife
XPE----Trunk mat---- Oscillating knife
Blended material----Seat cover, foot mat---- Drag tool

Cashmere material computer cutting machine----foot pad trunk box----vibration knife

expand gasket insulation ceramic fiber mat cutting machine


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