Ceramic Catalytic Converter Exhaust Flange Gasket Cutting Machine
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Ceramic Catalytic Converter Exhaust Flange Gasket Cutting Machine

The automatic gasket cutting machine play an important role for catalytic converter gasket, exhaust and flange gasket andother kinds of gasket processing. You can cut and customized any shape and size without the limit of die mould by our CNC gasket cutting machine.
  • DEK-1625M


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What is catalytic converter gasket cutting machine?

Ceramic Catalytic Converter Gasket Cutting Machine

The catalytic converter gasket helps to provide an air-tight seal for the inlet and outlet of the catalytic converter. It prevents exhaust leakage out of the connection and also ensures that all exhaust gas will flow through the catalytic converter for treatment. DEKCEL CNC automatic gasket cutting machine has perfect performance for processing catalytic converter gasket.

automatic catalytic converter gasket cutting machine

How does exhaust gasket cutting machine work?

Technical Parameters of Automatic Gasket Cutter

Model No.

DEK-1625M Automatic CNC Gasket Cutting Machine

Cutting speed

200-1400mm/s (depends on the kind of material)

Moving Speed


Cutting Depth

Max 35mm (depends on the kind of material)

Min.Cutting Diameter


Cutting Media

Corrugated paper, cardboard, grey cardboard, Plastic board,
Foam, EVA foam, rubber, fabric,leather,composite material, etc.

Multi-functional Tool Head

EEOT+POT Creasing Wheel+V-cutter+CCD Vision+Router Spindle

Pen/Blade/Wheel (option)

Gel-ink pen /Cutting blades of different type/ Creasing wheel of different size

Media Fixture Device

Individual section vacuum suction

Repeat Cutting Precision


Safety device

Infrared sensor, responsive, safe and reliable


Serial port and Ethernet port RJ45

Transmitting distance


Buffer Memory


Data transfer rate


Control system

Zhongrui control system

Control Panel

KINCO LED Touch Screen

Transmission System

Digital servo driver;Straight rail;Synchronous belt

Power Supply

AC 220V/380V±10% -50Hz-60Hz

Working Environment

10 to 35 deg.C

Package Size


Package Weight


Application of CNC Gasket Cutter

There are gaskets throughout the exhaust system to help ensure that these processes go smoothly and get the engine's gases through the exhaust system and into the atmosphere.

The ceramic expansion fiber gasket is mainly used for the 3-bolt catalytic converter. Still, there are a variety of gaskets such as a non-asbestos gasket, rubber gasket, PTFE gasket, Teflon gasket, tanged graphite gasket, or cork gasket to meet different customersneeds.

3-Bolt Catalytic Converter ceramic expansion mat cutting machine

Non-asbestos Gasket Cutting Machine

non-asbestos gasket cutting machine

Ceramic Expansion Gasket Cutting Machine
ceramic expansion gasket cutting machine
Rubber Seal Gasket Cutting Machine

rubber seal gasket cutting machine

Tanged Grahite Gasket Cutter
tanged grahite gasket cutter
PTFE Teflon Gasket Cutting Machine
ptfe gasket cutting machine
Automatic Cork Gasket Cutting Machine

automatic cork gasket cutting machine

There are a variety of materials for the gasket and DEKCEL CNC have many models digital knife cutting machine. However, the processing method has many also, such as manual cut, die-cut with mold, automatic cutting with our digital CNC gasket cutting machine. We have many experiences in this field and could help you how to cut a gasket with good effect.

how to cut gasket

If you don't know how to select the right machine, there are 6 ways to choose digital knife cutting machines and flatbed plotter cutters help you for your reference.

how to choose digital knife cutter plotter machine


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