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CNC Router
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CNC Router

What is A CNC Router?

The CNC router is an intelligent CNC ( computer numerical control ) processing equipment. In terms of processing principle, it is a combination of engraving, cutting, drilling and milling. A CNC router machine consists of CNC operation system, CNC processing software, spindle, transmission system, vacuum working table.

Working Principle of CNC Router

The CNC router machine is controlled by the G-code, according to the instruction code and machine's operation system to set the processing route, processing parameters, tool motion path, cutting parameters ( spindle rotation, RPM, feed, return, etc.), auxiliary functions of the parts ( tool replacement, spindle forward rotation, reverse rotation, cutting fluid opening, ect. ) and other kinds of processing programs, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic processing.

How many types of CNC Router?

Customer will choose the most suitable model of their CNC router according to their business needs and budget. Generally, our CNC router table sizes mainly include 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 4x4, 4x6, 4x8, 5x10 and 6x12 in feet, someone may call the table sizes as 4040, 6040, 6060, 6090, 1212, 1218, 1224, 1325, 1530, 2030 and 2040 in millimeter (mm).  

In order to meet the processing requirements of different materials and industries, we also have other types of CNC router, such as Wood CNC Router, Hobby CNC Router, Advertising CNC Router, Metal Engraving CNC Router Machines, Stone Engraving CNC Router Machines, 3D Engraving CNC Router Machines, Nesting CNC Router Machines, ATC CNC Router, 4 Axis CNC Router, 5 Axis CNC Router and other kinds of customized CNC router machines. 

How To Choose A CNC Router Machines?

1.Table Size

According the customer's business and processing materials size to choose the table size and type. In the market, the main size for wood board, PVC board, acrylic board, MDF board are 1220mmx1220mm, 1220mmx2440mm, 2000*2800mm, 2000*4000mm or other customized special sizes.

Our standard model affordable CNC router include DEK-1212M, DEK-1325M, DEK-1530M, DEK-2030M, DEK-2040M and can be customized the router machine size according customer's request.

2.Spindle Motor

The spindle is one of the important parts of the CNC engraving router machine, choose the famous brand for your CNC router machine like Chines Hanqi / Changsheng / HQD, Italy HSD.

Selecting the suitable router spindle according to the processing material, which will highly improve the production efficiency and save cost. Regarding the spindle motor of CNC router machine, the higher power, the more better.

Lower power spindle is mainly used for advertising industry and small parts fine milling and engraving. With the characteristics of high power and stronger processing ability, the high power spindle woodworking CNC router is mainly for cutting, engraving, drilling, milling, carving, grooving, reliefing of solid wood, hard wood, plywood, MDF, stone, foam, ceramic, plastic, acrylic, glass, PVC, PCB, ACM, brass, aluminum, copper and other kinds of materials.   

3.Machine Body

In order to let the machine have stable and good performance, the body of woodworking CNC router machine is also very important. Therefore, long-term high power machining should choose the heavy duty, high precision or casting body to ensure its processing accuracy and stability. 

4.Transmission System

Generally, there are two main driven system for CNC router machines, which are ball screw and rack guide rail transmission. So, choosing a reasonable router machine configuration which can not only improve the processing accuracy and producing efficiency but also can improve the service life of woodworking engraving machine equipment. 

2021 Best CNC router manufacturer in China- DEKCEL CNC offer high performance, affordable and cost effective CNC wood router, metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine and CNC knife.

CNC routers are ideally suited for residential and commercial woodworking, fabricating plastics and composites, shaping and inlaying solid surface, machining non-ferrous metals and more. Offer a wide range of CNC engraving machine, including stone engraving machine, 3 axis CNC router, 4 axis CNC router, 5 axis CNC router, which can be processed wood, plastic, non-ferrous metal etc. Whether you are looking for purchasing your first CNC router machine to start out in the engraving and cutting industry, or adding a second router CNC to your line, is tailored to give you an affordable CNC router with meets your exact demand and budget since it is with over 100 configurations and ODM accept also.

Strives to provide the best of what’s most important to our users – engraving and cutting quality, speed, reliability, and ease of use. By utilizing only the highest-quality components, affordable CNC routers are known worldwide for their reliability and performance, which translates into less down time and more profits for you.

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