600mm Large Scale Jeans 3D Dynamic Synrad CO2 100W Laser Marking Machine
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600mm Large Scale Jeans 3D Dynamic Synrad CO2 100W Laser Marking Machine

Dekcel jeans dynamic marking machine adopts Coherent or Rofin laser source with stable laser output, high quality laser beam, long service time and high precision.This dynamic laser marking machine marking fabric jeans with fast speed 2000mm/s,high precision,improve the production efficiency of the jeans marking.
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Large Scale Jeans 3D Dynamic Synrad CO2 100W Laser Marking Machine

3D dynamic laser marking machine.jpg

600MM*600MM Jeans Dynamic Laser Marking Video


Dekcel 3D dynamic laser marking machine,compared with normal laser marking machine, it has faster marking speed,high precision and better beam. It works so best in leather cutting and fabric cloth laser marking industry. 

Now ,our dynamic large size co2 marking machine's size have 300mm*300mm,600mm*600mm which scanning with Feeltek dynamic galvanometer.Also can customized the dynamic marking machine for you such as 1200mm*1200mm,1600mm*1600mm.This big size dynamic laser marking specially for marking door glass,window glass,glass screen,gate glass,large size crystal ,wood,acrylic,metal,stainless steel ect.

Table Moving 3D Dynamic Laser Marker As Below Picture Show :

3D Dynamic large size scale fiber laser marking machine.jpg

Features of Jeans 3D Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine

1.The 3D 3 axis Dynamic 100W/150W Laser Cutting and Marking Machine mainly apply on the leather, cloth ,fabric,paper,card materials.

2.Marking design is very smooth and exquisite.Marking speed is very fast 2000mm/s - 3000mm/s.

3.Adopting FEELTEK high-speed galvanometer system, or choose the laser marking galvanometer which imported from American.

4.with high speed,high precision and stable performance. 

5.Marking scope is very big,from 400x400mm to 600x600mm(laser marking size can be customized).

6.Adopting imported Synrad,Coherent,Rofin,Chinese CO2 RF laser tube and power supply.

7.Adopting imported optics lens,low loss, excellent focalization performance which has excellent performance and can continue working for a long time.

8.Machine marking size can be customized accoding your request

Paremeter of 3D Dynamica jeans marking machine

DEK-6060C 3D Dynamic Laser Marking Machine for Jeans 

Laser Generator and Optic parameters

Laser Type

CO2 RF metal laser

Laser Power


Working Sizw




Galvo process speed

0-20000mm/s (defined as the process material and requirement)

3D Dynamic marking Software system

Control software

Lenmark 3D marking software

Software Format

BMP, AI, DST, DXF, PLT, etc.

Working table parameter

Working table type

Honeycomb Table or Transport Conveyer Belt

Conveyor speed

0-600 mm/s

Conveyor table motor

Servo motor

Assistant System

Protection System

Full protection with optic part structure

Control System

Lenmark Laser control card

Cooling System

Constant temperature water chillerCW5200 for laser machine

Exhaust System

Fixed Upper exhaust fans (Filter system is optional)

Details Show of 3D Dynamic Jeans Marking Machine
Feeltek dynamic co2 synrad 100w laser engraving machine

Dekcel cnc dynamic big power laser marking machine with special marking system,has faster speed and fine beam. It works with good performance in jeans marking, fabric cutting,leather marking,also best in LGP making, large size glass marking and various marking industry. 
shoe leather laser marking machine
Application for LGP Industry
Light Guiding Plate laser marking machine
Acrylic for LED Light Guiding Plate(LGP), also for jeans,etc,such as LCD, FPD, LED Backlight, LED Flat Lamp, LED Ultrathin Crystal Lamp, Crystal Photo Frame, Outdoor&Indoor Signs, Lighting Box, X-ray Reading Box
Application for fabric,leather,Jeans:
jeans fabric dynamic laser marking machine
1. Delicate engraved designs. Textured, image, gradient and many other effects can be created.
2. Color of engraving designs do not fade. Cutting or punching fabric edge without fringe
Large size dynamic laser marking for invitation card and greeting card
invitation greeting paper card laser cutting machine.jpg



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