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Auto Feeding Conveyor Fabric Oscillating knife Cutter Plotter Machine
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Auto Feeding Conveyor Fabric Oscillating knife Cutter Plotter Machine

Dekcel CNC Auto Feeding Fabric Cutter Machine is equipped with advanced auto feeding converter,multi-functional combined cutting tools,CCD positioning system and other devices or components with good quality.It cuts with different knifes and causes no burn or smell in the working process. It is very easy for users to handle.
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Product Description of Auto Feeding Conveyor Oscillating Cutter Machine

1. Dekcel oscillating cutter machines are specially designed for soft material cutting.The machines are widely used in fabric,garment, leather,clothing, apparel,textile and footwear areas.The cutting plotter with oscillating knife blade, not by laser. So it causes no burning to the materials. No smell.

2. The rolls of the auto feeding oscillation cutter machine are able to roll up the large material automatically. Improve the working efficiency greatly.
3. Automatic rectifying deviation system: with function of rectify deviation, solved the defect of deviation in long time cutting work, when the fabrics is larger and roller, should be equip this system for machine.

auto feeding conveyor fabric leather cutting machine

The advantages of Auto-Fedding Oscillating Knife Cutter:

 Conveyor table and static table for your option;
Camera position system, specially for cutting printed material;
 High speed oscillating tool, cutting in high precision;
Three standard cutting area for your option:
1300mm x 1000mm
1800mm x 1500mm
2500mm x 1600mm
Customerized size is acceptable too
What CAD software can work with our machine?
Any CAD software with HPGL format.
Cutting Effect
The cutting machine meets the cutting precision: 0.3mm to 0.5mm.
The Oscillating Cutting Tool assures our cutting machines cut smoothly.And this cutting effects can hardly be done by laser cutting machine, die cutter or manual workers.
3. Delicacy
With our cutting machine for garment making, you can easily meet the market needs for customized cloth, garment or designs.

This garment plotter can cut several layers materials, and very suitable for some customized production.

Details of Fabric Auto Feeding Cutter Machine

※ oscillation cutting tool,auto-feeding system,Japan felt for wotking table

auto feeding convyor system of fabric cutting machine

※ Trocen control system,Jpan YASKAWA servo motor and driver,acuto-feeding device

fabric oscillation knife cutter with convyor

※ Assistive tools for roll material auto loading

auto feeding cloth cutting machine

※  Automatic rectifying deviation system for loading roll material

auto feeding fabric oscillation cutting machine

Techinical Parameter for Auto-Feeding Conveyor Fabric leather cutter:





Multi-functional Cutting Head

Replaceable oscillating knife, half knife, full knife, oblique knife and creasing wheel etc.

Tools configuration

Various cutting tools, creasing wheels, pen, cross positioning laser


High sensitivity infrared induction (optional)

Moving Speed

Max. 2000mm/s

Cutting Speed

Max. 1200mm/s(please set the speed according to the material)

Material Applicable

Fabric,Leather,Garment,Carpet,Rugs,Corrugated paper, PVC expansion sheet, KT board, foam board, grey paperboard, cardboard, vehicle sticker, adhesive sticker etc.

Cutting Depth

Max 60mm (depends on the material)

Material Fixing Method

Strong power vacuum absorption and intelligence Partition

Resetting Positioning Accuracy

Max 0.01mm

Mechanical Precision

Max 0.02mm

Drive System

Steel Simultaneous Belt, AC servo motor. Linear guide rail

Control System

Double 32 RISC CPU + FPGA


English LCD touch screen

Data Transmission



HP-GL compatible format

Buffering Capacity


Rated Power




Max Working Size




Rated voltage


Dekcel CNC fabric oscillation cutter machine excels in soft materials cutting. It can be applied in packaging&advertising,footwear,automotive,cloth, construction industries.It can?cut composites materials(glass fiber, carbon fiber, rubber), honeycomd board, Corrugated board, Grey board, Acrylic sheet, cloth,?PU, Car mats EVA,?foam, gasket etc.

oscillation knife cutter plotter machine

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