Dekcel CNC 1616 Big size Dynamic Glass Mirror Splice Engraving Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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Dekcel CNC 1616 Big size Dynamic Glass Mirror Splice Engraving Fiber Laser Marking Machine

DEKCEL CNC large size splice laser marking specially for big size marking,normally the the laser marking machine max marking size is 300mm*300mm,with dynamic scanning galvanometer the max marking size is 600mm*600mm.But with our splice marking machine,you can marking and engraving any size with limit.
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DEKCEL CNC Big size Dynamic Glass Mirror Fiber Splice Laser Marking Machine
large mirror splice laser marking machine

DEK-1616 Splice Laser Marking On Glass Mirror

With the increase of big projects , the area of customized engravings is increasing, but there are limits to the maximum size of the laser marking machine.In many cases, the size of the material we want to process is larger than the size of the target, so this is a function of the graphic splice marking is very important.
glass splice marking and engraving machine.jpg

- Laser power : 50w Raycus fiber laser 
- Marking size : 1600mm*1600mm
- Scanning Galvanometer : Sino 580 
- Field lens marking area  : 200mm*200mm / 400mm * 400mm
- Transmission : Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver

- Control Software : Taiwan Markmate control software 

Large Size Splice Marking and Engraving Machine Features

1.Dekcel cnc splice marking machine suitable for large metal or nonmetal plate marking .

2. laser head can move through X Y axis automatically to achieve the large marking effect.
3. Z axis transmission with stepper motor,automatic control the focal distance for precision marking and engraving.
4. Stable equipment performance, continuous 24 hours working
5. Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver,with High precision positioning can be marked and engraved in good quality.

Large Mirror Splice Marking Machine Technical Specification

Model No.  DEK-1616F
Lasers Type Raycus fiber laser / JPT fiber laser / Germany IPG fiber laser 
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Output Power  10W/20W/30W/50W /100W(optional)
Transmission System YASKAWA servo motor and driver with ball screw
Marking area  1600*1600mm(can be customized according to your request ) 
Marking Speed <20000mm/s
Mini. character size   0.1mm 
Mini. Marking line width   0.01mm 
Repositioning precision &plusmn;0.001mm
Power stability (12h)  <&plusmn;1%rms 
Beam Quality M2  <1.5 
Security Classification   Class IV 
IP Classification  IP54 
Cooling Method  Air cooling 
Operation temperature  15℃-35℃
Power supply  220V&plusmn;10%/50Hz
Power consumption  <2.5KW 
Machine Dimensions ( L x W x H)   2520*2120*1950 mm (L*W*H)
Option Size

1200mm*1200mm / 1600mm*1600mm /

1300mm*2500mm or customized

Big Size Laser Marking Machine Details Show

1. Taiwan Markmate marking control system specially for large size splice marking,software will divide the marking file equalization,with the 400mm*400mm filed lens, the machine will continue to mark the next marking area automatically , 

taiwan markmate splice marking control sfotware.jpg

2. In order to make the splice marking more perfect,markmate software can automatic equational the marking file,you can adjust each marking area size/angle/off position by [ Tiling ] function.

markmate software automatic equational the marking file.jpg

3. High speed scanning galvanometer and field lens

high speed scanning galvanometer and field lens.jpg

4. Working table with ball convenience for mirror moving

working table with ball convenience for mirror moving.jpg

5. Double hiwin guide rial with ball screw transmission

double hiwin guide rial with ball screw transmission.jpg

6. Japan yaskawa servo motor and driver

 japan yaskawa servo motor and driver.jpg

7. Machine asemble with dial indicator,keep machine high precision transmission

5.Machine asemble with dial indicator,keep machine high precision transmission.jpg

Splice Laser Marking Machine Application

Large scale laser splice marking, due to the high precision seamless splicing, high machining accuracy, is widely used in shopping mall glass marking, door and window glass marking, display glass marking, craft glass marking, decorative glass marking ect

decoration large mirror splice marking.jpg

large size glass splice laser marking.jpg

splice laser marking on mirror.jpg

window glass laser marking.jpg


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