Digital Auto Loading Fabric Cloth Oscillating Knife Cutter Plotter Machine
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Digital Auto Loading Fabric Cloth Oscillating Knife Cutter Plotter Machine

Dekcel cnc digial fabric oscillating knife cutter plotter machine is the newest product we designed for soft material cutting and processing,it can provide economic cutting solution for them.It is mainly for cutting fabric,cloth,textile,leather for small batch production.Due to its high-speed oscillating blade can also cut other material like KT board,cardboard,rubber,gasket,foam,EVA,corrugated board,carton package box,acrylic plastic ect ...It is also used in other industry like automotive,aircraft,advertisement.
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Digital Fabric Oscillating Knife Cutter Plotter Machine For Cloth With Auto Loading System
digital auto feeding fabric oscillation knife cutter
Advantages of Digital Fabric Oscillating Knife Cutter

1. Our fabric oscillating knife cutting machine can be equipped with plotting pen, oscillating cutting tool, creasing tool, and drag knife tool to meet customers' different requirements. The heavy duty drag knife tool is available for special materials of the sign making industry.
2. Imported linear guide and servo motor ensure high precision and fast working speed.
3. The high precision fabric oscillating knife cutting machine can induce draft separately and easily cuts small pieces.
4. The anti-collision and the built-in auto-sensing devices ensure the security of cnc oscillating knife cutting machine.
5. The cutting machine meets the cutting precision: 0.3mm to 0.5mm.
6. The high precision CNC oscillating knife cutting machine is designed for production with small quantities and can save on costs while maintaining speed and accuracy.
7. oscillating knife cutting machine Using CNC knife cutting technology, our digital cutter machine has no burning and totally environmently.
8. Patent product, stable performance, safety and stability, users in wide range.
9. Our cutting machines control software support any design software,like plt,ai,dxf,dwg,dst,dsb ect.

Technical Parameters of Auto Feeding Fabric Oscillating Knife Cutter:

Machine Model


Multi-function cutting head

Change Oscillating knife, half knife, full knife, inclined knife,pinch roller and various kinds of tools

Tool configuration(option)

Various kinds of cutting tools, pinch roller, pen, cross positioning laser

Security configuration

High sensitivity infrared ray interaction (selected)

Movement speed

Maximum 1200mm/s ~ 2000mm/s

Cutting speed

Maximum 800mm/s (set according to different cutting materials)

Cutting material

Corrugated paper, PVC expansion sheet, kt sheet, thick foam,grey board, paperboard, car sticker, adhesive Sticker, etc.

Cutting thickness

Maximum 30mm (set according to different materials)

Material fixing method

High power vacuum absorption and intellectual partition

Repeated positioning accuracy

Maximum 0.01mm

Mechanical Precision

Maximum 0.02mm

Drive system

Jpan YASKAWA servo motor and driver

Control system

Digital Trocut control system

Operating mode

operation platform + data output control software (operationplatform can be divided into connected and separated parts)

Display mode

Chinese and English liquid touch screen

Data transmission method


Instruction system

HPGL compatible format

Buffer capacity

Standard 4GB

Rated power


Maximum working dimensions


Rated voltage


 Details of Auto Loading Fabric Cutter Machine

oscillation knife blade cutting machine

fabric cloth oscillating cutter machine

auto feeding fabric oscillation knife cutter

digital oscillating knife cutter plotter

oscillation knife cutter machine motor driver

Applicable industries

Soft fabic cloth, Advertising industry, Packing industry, Appare industry, Shoes industry, Bag industry, etc.

fabric oscillation knife cutter

card board package oscillation knife cutter

EVA foam oscillation knife cutting machine

floor carpet oscillating cutter machine


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