Double Head Fabric Fur Oscillation Knife Cutting Plotter Machine with Auto Feeding System
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Double Head Fabric Fur Oscillation Knife Cutting Plotter Machine with Auto Feeding System

Dekcel automatic feeding fabric fur oscillation knife cutting machine with 2 head tools and automatic feeding system for fabric loading, automatic typesetting, automatic counting and other functions,no deformation, no need to knife Mold,highly improve the processing efficiency.
  • DEK-1625D


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2 Head Fabric Oscillation Knife Cutting Video

Double Head Fabric Fur Oscillation Knife Cutter Plotter Machine with Auto Feeding System

double head fabric oscilaltion cutter plotter machine

Two heads be with same oscillation cutting tool, and they can work at the same time and do the same work. Working area size of each head is a half of the total table size.

round tool oscillation cutting machine

The distance between the two heads can be easily changed by the setting of the software.

double head oscilaltion knife cutter

The two heads can move at the same time, it will save space compare with two sets machines with high efficiency.

fabric oscillation knife cutting plotter machine

The anti-collision and the built-in auto-sensing devices ensure the security of oscillating knife leather cutting machine.

auto feeding oscillation knife cutter plotter machine

Machine with auto feeding system for softmaterial loading

auto feeding fabric oscillation cutting machine.

Vaccum pump to make sure the material absorbed tightly on the working table

 Parameters of Fabric Oscillation Knife Cutter Machine





Multi-functional Cutting Head

Replaceable oscillating knife, half knife, full knife, oblique knife and creasing wheel etc.

Tools configuration

Various cutting tools, creasing wheels, pen, cross positioning laser


High sensitivity infrared induction (optional)

Moving Speed

Max. 1200mm/s

Cutting Speed

Max. 800mm/s(please set the speed according to the material)

Material Applicable

Corrugated paper,non woven fabric ,  PVC expansion sheet, KT board, foam board,
grey paperboard, cardboard, vehicle sticker, adhesive sticker etc.

Cutting Depth

Max 50mm (depends on the material)

Material Fixing Method

Strong power vacuum absorption and intelligence Partition

Resetting Positioning Accuracy

Max 0.01mm

Mechanical Precision

Max 0.02mm

Drive System

Steel Simultaneous Belt, AC Panasonic servo motor. Linear guide rail

Control System

Jinan suntec control systerm


English LCD touch screen

Data Transmission



HP-GL compatible format

Buffering Capacity


Rated Power




Max Working Size




Rated voltage

AC220V/380V ±10%,50Hz-60Hz

We reserve the final explanation for the above parameters and able to make any alternations without notice

Applicable of Digital round knife cloth oscillating cutting machine

Leather, cardboard, fiber glass, corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, sticker, film, foam board,acrylic board, rebound rubber, rubber cloth, gasket material, garment cloth, footwear material, bags materials, non-woven fabrics, carpets, sponge, PU, EVA, XPE, PVC, PP, PE, PTFE, ETFE and composites.

fur cloth oscilaltion knife cutter machine

fabric cloth oscilaltion cutter plotter machine

leather oscillation knife cutting plotter

flooring carpet oscillation knife cutting machine 



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