How Does ATC CNC Router Work?
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How Does ATC CNC Router Work?

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How Does ATC CNC Router Work?

There are many kinds of CNC routers in the market, among which ATC CNC router is one of the most popular products. However, if you are not the manufacturer or operator of the engraving machine, you may not even know what an ATC CNC router is. What does it do, and how does it work, is the focus of many ATC CNC router manufacturers.


Here is the content list

  • What Is ATC CNC router?

  • What’s The Types Of ATC Systems?

  • How Does ATC CNC Router Work?


What Is ATC CNC router?

Automatic tool change system of ATC CNC router referred to as "ATC", which is an important part of a machining center, which realizes the continuous processing parts between processes, namely in each work procedure used automatically after the completion of the next new tool to the main shaft, so as to ensure the process characteristics of the machining center process focus, tool exchange usually by manipulator, knife library and spindle coordinated action.

ATC CNC router device is an important embodiment of its functionality and advanced. ATC system is the basic conditions of multi-process automatic processing. Through the analysis of its control principle and structure characteristics, combined with the production practice, the common faults, causes and treatment measures are summarized, which has a strong practical significance in the transformation and maintenance of machine tools.


What Are Types Of ATC Systems?

Automatic tool changing system of ATC CNC router is a machining device that can realize continuous machining between parts. The automatic tool changing system is composed of tool library and tool changing device. Among them, there are three types of the most widely used automatic tool changing ATC CNC router system, which are turret tool changing ATC CNC router system, Rotary tool rest tool changing ATC CNC router system and Automatic tool changing ATC CNC router system with tool library. And the knife can be vertical, or horizontal.

  • Turret tool changing

On each spindle head of ATC CNC router, the rotary tools required by each process are installed in advance. When the tool changing instruction is issued, various spindle heads turn to the processing position in turn, and the spindle is connected to make the corresponding spindle drive the cutter rotation, while other spindle heads in different processing positions are separated from the spindle.

  • Rotary tool rest tool changing

  • Rotary tool rest is one of the simplest automatic tools changing devices within ATC CNC router and is often used in CNC lathes. It can be designed in the form of square tool holder, hexagonal tool holder or disc type axial tool holder. Four, six or more knives are mounted on the rotary tool rest and changed according to the instructions of controller.

  • Automatic tool changing with tool library

In the process of tool change, controller of ATC CNC router first selects the tool from the tool base, and then the tool changing device takes the tool from the tool base or the spindle for exchange, loads the new tool into the spindle, and puts the old tool back into the tool base.

The cutter holder of this kind of ATC CNC router system has a large capacity, which can be installed on the side of the spindle box or on the top of the spindle box. The rigidity of the spindle parts should be high to meet the requirements of precision machining.


How Does ATC CNC Router Work?

ATC CNC router has different performance according to different equipment specifications, such as machining efficiency, power and accuracy, etc., while each equipment has one or more USES according to its performance and different materials processed. Therefore, the name only reflects the purpose of the equipment to a certain extent.

ATC automatic knife change engraving machine is composed of computer, controller and the host.

Special engraving software was used on the computer for design and typesetting, and then the generated file information was transmitted to the controller of ATC CNC router. According to the received information, the core part of ATC CNC router generated the pulse information number that could drive the stepper motor or servo motor, and controlled the engraving machine to generate X, Y and Z axis engraving roadbed diameter. At the same time, ATC automatic knife changing engraving machine high-speed rotary head, according to the processing material configuration of the cutting tool on the processing materials fixed on the host worktable of ATC CNC router, can be carved in the computer design of various plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and text through the controller , meeting the requirements of carving automation.


There have been many researches on the ATC CNC routers, and the number is increasing year by year. You do not need to worry about the manufacturing process of ATC CNC router, we can provide you with the best products and after-sales service. If you are interested in buying our products, please feel free to visit our company websites.

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