CNC Routers Guide For Beginners
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CNC Routers Guide For Beginners

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CNC Routers Guide For Beginners

If you are new to the industry, congratulations! CNC Routers is one of the CNC machine tools with the highest content of science and technology. You may need a guide to the CNC router. Don't worry, we have it ready for you. 


Here is the content list

  • Introduction Of CNC Routers

  • Operation guidelines Of CNC Routers

  • Instruction For Applications Of CNC router


Introduction Of CNC Routers

A computer numerical control router is a computer-controlled cutting machine used for cutting various hard materials. CNC routers can perform the tasks of many carpentry shop machines such as the panel saw, the spindle mould, and the boring machine. They can also cut mortises and tenons.

A CNC router is very similar in concept to a CNC milling machine. Instead of routing by hand, tool paths are controlled via computer numerical control. The CNC router is one of many kinds of tools that have CNC variants, as the China CNC router manufacturers saying.

A CNC router typically produces consistent and high-quality work and improves factory productivity. Unlike a jig router, the CNC router can produce a one-off as effectively as repeated identical production. Automation and precision are the key benefits of CNC router tables.

Operation guidelines Of CNC Routers

Preparation before starting up

1. Before starting the CNC router, please carefully check the device of each part of the equipment and the tools. It should be flexible, firm and reliable. Confirm that the situation of CNC router is good before starting.

2. Check and clean up the wood debris, tools or foreign objects on the CNC router and keep the environment around the CNC router free from pollution.

3. Check whether the wire is normal, whether there is aging insulation damage.

4. Lubricate each lubrication point regularly.

5. No matter the machine comes from which CNC router factory, the operator must be familiar with the machine's performance, use and operation precautions before operation. It is strictly prohibited to operate the machine without training. Non-personnel of the machine are strictly prohibited to operate.

Startup considerations

1. Adjust drilling position and corresponding milling head according to the processed products.

2. Adjust the clamping device and the working sequence of positioning.

3. Press the pedal to start the machine for processing.

Watch out! In case of mechanical failure or improper operation, you should press the emergency stop switch of CNC router. Non-maintenance personnel are not allowed to open the high-voltage electrical appliances in the electrical cabinet for maintenance. In case of failure, the maintenance team shall be informed for maintenance. During operation of CNC router you should pay attention to the milling head cannot hit the irons.

Notes at the end of work

Turn off the main switch of CNC router, turn off the power supply, and leave the machine only when the machine stops running naturally. Wood shall not be used to stop the machine. When the machine is running, operators are strictly prohibited to leave. When there is a sudden power failure at night, you can't leave until the machine stops completely.


Instruction For Applications Of CNC router

A CNC router can be used in the production of many different items, such as door carvings, interior and exterior decorations, wood panels, sign boards, wooden frames, moldings, musical instruments, furniture, and so on. In addition, the CNC router helps in the thermoforming of plastics by automating the trimming process. CNC routers can help ensure part repeatability and sufficient factory output.

  •  CNC wood router

A CNC wood router is a computer-controlled router tool that carves/etches objects or images into the face of a piece of wood. The CNC router is ideal for hobbies, engineering prototyping, product development, art, and production works. The CNC works on the Cartesian coordinate system (X, Y, Z) for 3D motion control; however, typical CNC operated systems can only make carvings on flat planes.

  • CNC metal router

Milling is the machining process of using rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece advancing in a direction at an angle with the axis of the tool. Trough this kind of CNC router, it covers a wide variety of different operations and machines, on scales from small individual parts to large, heavy-duty gang milling operations. It is one of the most commonly used processes in industry and machine shops today for machining parts to precise sizes and shapes.

  •  CNC stone router

A stone CNC router is a type of CNC router machine designed for marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, ceramic tiles, glass machining, polishing for arts and crafts, etc. The biggest difference between the different types of materials is that you have to have certain “bits” or “inserts” to cut different materials.


The above is about the CNC router guide, if you want to further understand it, welcome to visit our company's website. If you want to customize router, we also have a sound program and nice price, we are looking forward to working with you!

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