What do we need to know about cnc router?
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What do we need to know about cnc router?

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What do we need to know about cnc router?

1. The maintenance of spindle for cnc engraving router machine

The spindle is the core parts of economical woodworking engraving cnc router, especially the spindle of cnc router for wood carving are used in high-end high, the price is relatively high, the spindle of cnc router should be paid more attention to maintenance. The spindle of atc cnc router for wood carving is mainly divided into air-cooling spindle and water-cooling spindle. According to the customer's processing technology, as well as customer processing environment, the china woodworking engraving cnc router can be configured selectively. Selecting of processing all kinds of high quality machine spindle, looking for Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company, professional quality guarantee! Because of professional, so excellent.

As a result of the working environment, the spindle is the biggest Equipment part to contact processing workpiece and scrap. But the performance of cnc router spindle also affects the processing technology enormously. Therefore, in the day-to-day production and processing, the stone engraving cnc machine used should do a good job of spindle maintenance.

(1). After finishing the work, we must clean the spindle motor of high speed woodworking engraving cnc router and marble stone carving machine. If this habit has been developed, the most important work that maintenance of the spindle motor will be done.

(2). Every day after work, the operator should use the vacuum cleaner to clean scrap in the motor spindle and motor rotor end terminals, to prevent the waste in the rotor end and terminal on the accumulation. In order to avoid the waste into the bearing, accelerated wear of high speed bearings and avoid the scrap into the terminal, causing motor short circuit burned.

(3). Each time the card is loaded and the tool is replaced, the operator must unscrew the cap and can not change the tool with the direct insertion method.

(4). After removing the knife, clean the clamp head and pressure cap.

(5). The operator must clean the tool, the clamp head and the press cap when putting on the knife. This detail is in place, the spindle motor of the small advertising wood cutting machine life can be greatly extended. 

(6). The operator must check the working state of the motor cooling water of the granite stone engraving cnc machine. You need to check the water pump, the pipeline, must ensure the normal circulation of cooling water. It is strictly prohibited to open the spindle motor without the cooling water in the spindle motor.

(7). The spindle motor of high speed cnc stone engraving machine for marble granite tombstone must be used according to specifications.

(8). In addition to the above provisions, the operator is prohibited from taking exercise without training. When the main shaft fails, do not disassemble it at will. Please contact the marble stone carving manufacturer to check and troubleshoot it in time.

2. How to maintain the working table of cnc router?

(1). Clean up

After the completion of the work, the woodworking engraving cnc machine should be timely to clean up the table, next to the rail for debris to clear in time, to prevent the emergence of lag screw. The device of 1325 cnc router for wood carving sale is very important, this part determines the accuracy of the 1530 wood engraving machine, So cleaning of screw of 1212 cnc advertising carving machine is also very important regularly. That can effectively prevent the screw on a foreign body attachment. And dust is the biggest factor to influence circuit board, the users must be regular cleaning of industrial boxes.

(2). Oil

Oiling plays an important role in the maintenance of woodworking engraving machines. The guide and screw after cleaning and in oil. The time of oiling is generally two weeks at a time, and after the oil, you will remember the slow walking back and forth, to ensure the lubrication of woodworking engraving machine. Even though the cnc woodworking for engraving wood is not long use, but also regularly filling oil.

3. CNC engraving machine characteristics

What is a CNC engraving machine?

CNC is the abbreviation of computer numerical control.

Cnc wood carving machine processing technology

The cnc router applies to various plane materials for cutting, two-dimensional engraving, three-dimensional engraving. The main function and advantages of other multifunctional metal plaque cnc engraving machine: powerful, whether it is made of bronze, stainless steel plate, titanium gold, aluminum and other metal surface carving, carved patterns and graphic arts and crafts are easy to fix. Because of the powerful engraving and plating function of the cnc engraving machine, the machined parts can be machined from large format signboards to tiny chest cards and nameplates.

4. What are the features of a wood cnc engraving machine?

(1). The fastest and most efficient of the cylinder wood cnc router

The cylinder cnc router engraving machine can reach 25 meters per minute, the fastest speed, can achieve rapid processing, natural efficiency is high.

(2). All the wood cnc router engraving machine use imported linear guide rail, the linear guide rail compares the garden guide rail. The service life of the former is 2200 times of that of the latter, and the accuracy is more than 10 times.

(3). High accuracy

Larger cnc router for engraving marble stone can be carved 1 mm small letter, high accuracy depends on the cnc router.

(4). Steel mega steel structure

The high precision cnc router engraving machine an cut 8 mm copper plate, of course, the overall rigidity of the cnc engraving machine for wood stone is good.

(5). Large power

The wood furniture carving cnc machine can easily cut more than 30 millimeters thickness of acrylic and more than 5 cm of PVC.

(6). Simple maintenance

Industrial product design standards, maintenance simple, the cnc router wood engarving machine can be used as long-term as industrial machine.

(7). Double motor drive

Dual motor drive, automatic clearance, to ensure that the gantry movement fast, uniform and smooth.

5. Application of Cnc engraving machine in various industries

(1). Woodworking industry

Three dimensional wave board processing, cabinet door, craft wooden door, paint free door, screen, process window processing, furniture product milling shape carving.

(2). Mould industry

The mould metal engraving cnc router can carve all kinds of relief, openwork carving, shadow carving, surface carving, cutting, washing the bottom of all effects.

(3). Advertising engraving

Advertising signs, PVC plate, front plate, color plates, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, PVC, crystal board, acrylic, LED/ neon trough, literally shaped hole cutting, plastic mold making light boxes and so on.

(4). Stone carving cnc router

Natural marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, landmark, ceramic tile, glass and other materials of three-dimensional relief and line carving, cutting, drilling, two-dimensional engraving.

(5). Handicraft industry

The cnc carving router machine can engrave all kinds of exquisite patterns and characters on wood, bamboo, artificial marble, organic board, double swatches, crystal and other materials.


So, dear, if you are interested in our cnc route engraving machine, or have any question about the cnc router for wood, please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online.

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