How To Laser Engrave Photo Picture On Wood,Marble,Glass?
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How To Laser Engrave Photo Picture On Wood,Marble,Glass?

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How To Laser Engrave Photo Picture On Wood,Marble,Glass?

How To Engrave Photo On Co2 Laser Machine?

If you want to engrave a beautiful photo picture on a co2 CNC laser machine, here will help you process the image into a bitmap photo. Typically, we edit the picture by Adobe Photoshop program, and the edit steps are as follow:

Step1. Choose Excellent Quality Photo

The decisive factor for a good photo is resolution, and not every photo is suitable for laser engraving with an excellent effect. If you want to make it a more eye-catching result, please be careful when selecting your photos. To get the best result, photos for laser engraving should generally have a resolution of at least 300dpi as the output size.

excellent quality laser engraving photo picture
Step 2. Open and set the size of the photo in Adobe Photoshop

laser engraving photo size setting

Set the size of the laser engraving photo according to the size of the processed material.

Step 3. Photo Grayscale Edit

3.1 Image > Mode > Grayscale > Discard color information

laser engraving photo grayscale setting

3.2 Image > Adjust   > Curves

> Brightness/Contrast

> Hue/Saturation

laser engraving photo adjusting

The photo with more contrast, the engraving effect will be more good.

laser engraving photo graycale

Step 4. Convert photo to Bitmap

laser engraving image bitmap setting

Image > Mode > Bitmap

laser engraving photo bitmapsetting

Output: 300 pixels/inch

Method: Halftone Screen

Frequency: 55 lines/inch

Angle: 45 degrees

Shape: Round

Save As Format: BMP File

Format: Windows

Depth: 1 Bit

After engraving photo editing, it will show as below:

Halftone Screen bitmap engraving photo  

Step 5. Rdworks Laser Control Software Parameters Setting

File > Import > Select BMP file > Open

import enagrving bmp photo to rdworks software

As below picture show:

laser engraving bmp picture

Set parameters for laser engraver machine

• Parameters for 80 watt power laser (Program: RDCAM)

• Speed(mm/s): 350~450

• Power(%): 25

• Interval(mm): 0.05~0.1

Experience determines the effect, for more materials laser engraving solutions sincerely welcome to consult at any time.

Photo picture laser engraving on wood

laser engraving photo on wood

Photo engraving on glass
laser photo engraving glass
Photo engraving on granite marble stone

laser photo engraving marble

Laser engraving photo on acrylic
laser photo engraving acrylic

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