Different types of CNC Engraving Routers Machine
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Different types of CNC Engraving Routers Machine

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Different types of CNC Engraving Routers Machine

The CNC Router Machine is a computer controlled cutting device. CNC is the computer digital signal control. There are many products using CNC technology, and 3D printers are widely known to the public. But specifically speaking of the CNC Router, it also has many classes.This article lists the common types of CNC Router Machines.


1 3-axis CNC Router


The 3-axis CNC Router is the most common and common system. The three-axis system is characterized by the fact that the drill bit can move in three directions: the X-axis, the Y-axis, and the Z-axis. The three-axis system can meet a large part of the material cutting requirements, especially for large material cutting. Such as wood, stone,softer metal and so on. The cutting of the three-axis system is relatively rough and the accuracy is not high, but it is completely sufficient for non-industrial areas, such as the home decoration industry.


2 5,6-axis CNC Router


The 3-axis coordinate system generally used today was invented by Descartes. He found that if you want to locate the position of a fly in the room, you only need the X, Y and Z axes. This positioning method in three-dimensional space But imagine that if you change the flies into airplanes, then in addition to the location information, there may be movements in other directions.

That is to say, in addition to the three axes of X, Y, and Z, the rotation around these three axes is also described. To be precise, the most complete motion description uses 6 axes.

The 5-axis system and the 6-axis system are CNC routers that use A, B, and C axes. In actual industrial production, the 6-axis system is not practical and the cost is too high. Therefore, most multi-axis CNC Router Machines that require more than three axes will select a 5-axis system. The 5-axis CNC Router is sufficient for the production of most high-end products. For example, parts used in the aerospace industry are often made using a 5-axis CNC Router Machine.


3 4-axis CNC Router


After saying 3, 5 and 6 axes, the 4 axes are naturally essential. The 4-axis system is a product that balances performance and price. Although the 4-axis CNC Router may not be able to perform high-precision work, the 4-axis system has improved a lot compared to the 3-axis system. The 4-axis system adds another axis besides X, Y, and Z, and the fourth axis is used to automate operations that were not possible with the original three-axis CNC Router.


4 Conclusion


The number of axes is different, and the work facing is different. Although the three types of products are differentiated, they all meet the corresponding job requirements, and there is no budget deficit. This is the most important for industrial production.



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