Differences between 4 and 5 axis cnc routers
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Differences between 4 and 5 axis cnc routers

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Differences between 4 and 5 axis cnc routers

This is a beautiful era, in the past, we can only see CNC machine tools in factories, but now, CNC equipment has entered our lives, 4-axis and 5-axis cnc routers are the product of economic development. They can help us to improve the efficiency of production and processing, and thus make more profits; they can also help us to quickly make prototype products and shorten the design cycle. So, do you know what a 4-axis cnc router is and what a 5-axis cnc router is? So, I hope to help you better understand it.


The discussion points are as follows:

♦ What is a 4-axis cnc router?

♦ What is a 5-axis cnc router?

♦ 4-axis VS 5-axis

♦ Conclusion


What is a 4-axis cnc router?

The so-called CNC four-axis router usually adds a rotating axis, usually called the fourth axis. Generally, the machine tool has only three axes. The fourth axle is to install an electric indexing head which can rotate 360 degrees on the mobile platform. This can automatically indexing and drilling inclined holes, milling inclined edges, etc., without the need for secondary clamping loss of accuracy. CNC four-axis machining center can realize the linkage control of three or more axes to ensure that the tool can process complex surfaces. CNC four-axis machining center not only has linear interpolation and arc interpolation functions, but also has a variety of fixed processing cycle, automatic tool radius compensation, automatic tool length compensation, graphical display of processing process, man-machine dialogue and other functions. Automatic fault diagnosis, off-line programming, etc.


It has the following advantages: (1) can improve production efficiency; (2) can achieve continuous processing; (3) it can also provide higher feed speed.

Now it is widely used in wooden furniture, advertising, relief and 3D sculpture.


What is a 5-axis cnc router?

Now, when it comes to cnc router machines, it is easy to think that they are computer-controlled cutting devices that can cut materials from x, y and Z axes. These three axes are enough to locate in three-dimensional space, but in real life, we may encounter other situations, thus forming a 5-axis cnc router. That is to say, besides the X, Y and Z axes, rotation around these three axes is also described. Therefore, to be precise, the most complete motion description uses six axes.


It has the following advantages: (1) reduced processing time; (2) improved processing accuracy; (3) compared with other similar machines, production efficiency is higher.


Because of its excellent functions to meet the aerospace industry's high standard requirements for parts, it is widely used in the horizontal aerospace industry. It is also widely used in communications, optics, light industry, medical and other high-precision instruments.


4-axis VS 5-axis

So what's the difference between a 4-axis and a 5-axis cnc router?


(1) Different rotational speeds

The speed of five axes is much faster than that of four axes.


(2) The direction of cutting material is different.

Four axes can rotate around four axes, and five axes can use up to six axes.


(3) Different application fields

Five axes are often more accurate than four.



After listening to the above introduction, do you have a deeper understanding of 4-axis cnc routers and 5-axis cnc routers ? They can produce many items, and different types of them can also be used in different fields. Therefore, if you want to get a cnc router, please contact us. We are a professional manufacturer of it. We will provide you with a complete solution. If you have other questions about them, please consult us in time.

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