What Is An advertising CNC Router Used For?
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What Is An advertising CNC Router Used For?

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What Is An advertising CNC Router Used For?

We are one of the best advertising CNC router manufacturers in China. There are many types of CNC router, among which, with the development of new media and advertising, advertising CNC router has become more and more popular and its uses have become diversified. Thus, do you really know the things what today’s advertising CNC router can do?


Here is the content list:

  •  Why Do We Need Advertising CNC Router?

  •  What Are Applications Of Advertising CNC Router?

  •  How Will Advertising CNC Router Develop?


Why Do We Need Advertising CNC Router?

Traditional CNC router is for wood processing, CNC milling machine and processing center evolved from a high-tech wood processing machine tool, is the most complex woodworking machinery, technology content of the highest advertising CNC woodworking machine tool, foreign similar products for high-grade, complex, expensive price.

At present, the domestic use is almost all imported equipment, wood processing industry most enterprises do not have such strength. Therefore, if the price is suitable for economic advertising CNC router products, both to meet the requirements of processing accuracy, and can form economic batch, to meet the market demand, this is undoubtedly the majority of woodworking and furniture manufacturers desire.

After calculation, so as to meet the requirements of use, the cost of an economically developed advertising CNC router is only 1/6 -- 1/8 of the price of imported equipment, and can meet the requirements of high productivity, high processing accuracy and stable processing quality. Through the market demand and wood processing enterprises, advertising and other industries find that the development of economic advertising CNC router is China's machinery industry priority.


What Are Applications Of Advertising CNC Router?

Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC routers for advertising have many incomparable advantages, which determines its wide application.

  •  Design

Four water cooling spindles of our advertising CNC router can work together or independently raise the working efficiency of machine. Thus, four spindles with four rotaries are widely used in engraving round wood.

  • High speed cutting

As we all know, the characteristics of advertising products and wood are different from the metal, in order to make the surface of processing without cracking, and processing can achieve a smooth and smooth requirements, at the same time in order to avoid overheating parts as a result of the cutter surface burnt deformation, the requirements of the cutter linear speed must reach the limit. Our advertising CNC router adapts 1.5KW or 2.2KW water cooling spindle, whose adjustable speed fully meets the needs of different types of advertising products processing, creating conditions for fine engraving processing.

  • Feed system

The principle of feed system design from advertising CNC router is to improve the feed speed as much as possible and meet the requirements of users for high productivity under the condition of comprehensive consideration of reliable structure and cost.

  • CNC system

CNC system is the core of advertising CNC router. Mechanical working environment is relatively harsh, the first is the stability of CNC system of advertising CNC router, followed by advanced technology. Through the analysis and evaluation of the advertising industry at home and abroad, in order to meet the needs of high-grade advertising processing, our advertising CNC router decides to use four-axis linkage, so with different tools advertising CNC router can be processed with three-dimensional shapes. CNC system can meet the use requirements, and work more stably and reliably, with strong anti-interference ability.

  • 3D

With Scanner or designed photo, it can do any 3D engraving.

  • Stability

The whole lathe is founded by welded steel in order to enhance the stability. High speed drivers and stepper motors enhance work efficiency. Our CNC routers for advertising are also equipped with aluminum T-slot surface, which is suitable for longtime use.

What’s more, advertising CNC router is qualified for mass-producing of woodcrafts, sofa or table legs and other woodworking column products, with four rotary systems and removable working table. It is fit for hard column wood carving, engraving, drilling, milling and cutting etc. Woodworking works, which could be widely used in many fields.


How Will Advertising CNC Router Develop?

With the development of times, advertising CNC router has been from pure mechanical products to mechanical and electrical integration of the technology transition, advertising CNC router penetration rate is increasing, the application of advanced testing technology to advertisements products control and testing to a new level. Now, with the high performance, the high output, the high speed, the heavy cutting, the compound processing worktable advertising CNC router common occurrence, the domestic advertising CNC router with the automatic knife change function numerical control system have successful development.The modern processing industry to the cutting quality, the precision request unceasing enhancement, to enhances the production efficiency, reduces the production cost, has the high intelligence automatic cutting function the request also in the promotion. The development of advertising CNC router must adapt to the development of modern mechanical processing industry.

As mentioned above, advertising CNC router is the current hot development product, which has been favored by customers. To serve our customs better, we also offer other kinds of CNC router for advertising with different models and different sizes, from large ones to mini ones. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us at any time.

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