Best Way To Cut MDF Board With CO2 300W Laser Cutter
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Best Way To Cut MDF Board With CO2 300W Laser Cutter

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 Best Way To Cut MDF Board With CO2 300W Laser Cutter

Best Way To Cut MDF Board With CO2 300W Laser Cutter

With laser technology, you can quickly cut MDF in thicknesses of up to 15 mm in good quality. MDF is the best cut with a CO2 300 watts laser cutter.


The MDF sheets laser cutting machine adopts professional Ruida laser control software, which saves time and materials. The cutting plate has high precision and can perfectly create complex graphics such as right angles, rounded corners, and holes. Non-contact processing, no dust, high safety, and environmental protection.


Since laser cutting wood uses laser energy to melt the wood, blackening occurs during the cutting process. Cutting wood thinner than 5mm will not turn black under normal circumstances. When working with a board with a thickness of more than 5mm, improper operation will cause serious blackening. For this problem, the following methods can be used to reduce or avoid wood blackening during laser cutting.

1. Set the correct laser cutting parameters

Use high speed and low power when laser cutting. Generally speaking, faster cutting speeds are sometimes better. But the faster the speed and the lower the power, the harder it will be to cut. Carbonization and blackening will be more severe if cutting is not ideal.

According to our cutting tests, fast speed is more significant than low power. Therefore, you can match the lowest laser power at the fastest cutting speed, which is the ideal cutting parameter. Of course, this needs to be tested by the user according to the cutting material and the specific cutting thickness to obtain the most accurate value.

2. Use auxiliary gas

Another key factor in avoiding the blackening of laser-cut wood is the assist gas. The higher the input pressure of the auxiliary gas, the better the cutting effect. The input pressure is set at 0.6Mpa~0.8Mpa. In addition, the auxiliary gas should be clean, dry, oil-free, and water-free. Otherwise, it will pollute the focusing mirror and reduce the laser cutting capacity.

Compressed air is introduced into the cutting gap through nozzles, which allows dust and heat to be removed faster and prevents the blackening of the wood.

3. Adjust the laser focus

To maximize laser cutting power, the focal length must be set correctly to achieve maximum processing speed. The cutting speed will be reduced if the laser focus is not set correctly. In addition, it will also cause the plate-cutting gap to become larger or the finished section to be non-vertical.


The ability to laser-cut wood has a significant relationship with laser power. DEKCEL factory has CO2 laser cutting machines with power ranging from 80W to 300W for you to choose from. We can customize laser cutter machines of different powers and sizes to meet your acrylic or MDF wood-cutting and engraving requirements.

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