laser tube maintenance of cnc laser cutter machine for sale
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laser tube maintenance of cnc laser cutter machine for sale

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laser tube maintenance of cnc laser cutter machine for sale

laser tube maintenance of cnc laser cutter for sale

Laser tube is the most important compoennts of cnc laser cutter machine,for it plays an important role in co2 laser cutting machine processing.So it is necessary for us to protect and maintain laser tube in our daily life.As a co2 laser cutter supplier,Dekcel cnc equipment company provide almost all models of cnc co2 laser cutting and engraving machine.Here are some points about daily maintenance and protection of laser tube.

1.As to the laser tube of laser engraving machine for sale,the cooling water preferably choose pure tap water or distilled water,the best is pure water and keep the water temperature below 25 degrees celsius.


2.It is hot in the summer,please frequently change the cooling water,if the temperature is too high,stop the co2 laser engraver machine,then change the cooling water.It is too cold in winter,you need to pour out the water inside of the cnc laser engraving machine laser tube to avoid bursting of laser tube.

3.If you adopts water pump to cool the laser tube of laser cnc machine,make sure that the cooling water can flow up to 2 to 4 liters every minute,if the water flow is not enough,cheap cnc laser cutter machine laser tube will be damaged.

4.You'd better open the exhaust fan to absorb the smoke generated by co2 cnc laser machine,which will lead to the laser tube output end becoming fuzzy.

5.There will be a scale in the co2 laser cutting and engraving machine tube,after it has been used for a long time.Need to regularly clean the laser tube with 20% hydrochloric acid.Hydrochloric acid can achiueve a good clearing effects for the cnc laser cutter tube.

6.As to the first installation of the industrial cnc laser cutter's laser tube,don't remove the electrode wire,which is closely related to the laser tube's service lifetime.The wire is designed to avoid arcing burning the output surface.So please be careful with the wire.

laser tube daily maintenance for co2 laser cutter.jpg

7.laser tubes are made of glass,we should take the laser tube gently during installation and debugging to avoid external impact.

Laser tube is the core components of cnc laser cutting machine,pay attention to the installation and daily maintenance is of great significance.If you want to know more about cnc laser cutting and engraving equipment,don't be shy to ask us.By the way,as a best cnc laser machine supplier in Jinan city,if you have any other problems about cnc cutter co2 laser,also can contact us.We are happy to help you.

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