Lens Protection! How to maintain and protect co2 cnc laser cutter lens?
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Lens Protection! How to maintain and protect co2 cnc laser cutter lens?

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Lens Protection! How to maintain and protect co2 cnc laser cutter lens?

Co2 laser cutter machine for sale is much cheaper than fiber laser cutting machine.What's more,cnc laser cutter price has a wider application scope than cnc fiber laser cutter.As to the co2 cnc laser cutter fragile materials,reflect mirror and focus lens is the one of the consumable parts.Today three cleaning steps for the protection of laser engraver lens:

1. Protection material of the industrial laser cutter lens is the ZnSe (zinc arsenic),more brittle, afraid of falling down,so you should pay extra attention in the disassembly, can not collide with any hard objects.The co2 laser engraving machine lens surface is the anti-reflective film,fear of pollution,wet material,oil,scratches,so it is suggested to provide dry,oil-free working air,do not directly touch the laser engraver machine lens,which will have a permanent damage to the lens surface. On the contrary,you can wear gloves or other special operation assistance to touch the tabletop laser cutter lens,for smaller lenses,will be more convenient to choose tweezers or vacuum tweezers . 

2. Under normal circumstances,please double check the co2 laser engraver for sale lens situation before and after use.Because most of the contaminants and defects of small laser cutting machine are very invisible,we often need to use the magnifying device. In addition to the amplifying equipment, sometimes we also need to use a bunch of relatively bright light to make the surface contaminants and defects discovered,so that you can clean out the pollution or change a new sets lens in time.

3. When it comes to clean the co2 laser machine lens,clean wipes or some solvent will be needed to prevent damage from pollutants. Wipe paper must be wet with a suitable solvent,do not use a dry wipe paper to clean cnc laser cutter engraver lens. In the case of softness,the available wipes is cotton Webril wipes or cotton applicators such as cotton balls,lens paper,and cotton swabs.

Doing laser lens cleaning regularly can not only improve the efficiency of laser cutting,but also prolong the service life of laser cutters for sale,increase co2 laser machine user profit.As to Dekcel cnc equipment company,a small component like lenses which still adopts high-end or imported brands in the market,how could laser machine buyers don't fall in love with Dekcel cnc laser cutting and engraving machine.

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