Dekcel® 150w,280w stainless steel metal and nonmetal sheet cnc laser cutting machine
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Dekcel® 150w,280w stainless steel metal and nonmetal sheet cnc laser cutting machine

Dekcel cnc yongli 280w metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine can cut nonmetal materials such as wood,acrylic,
die board,plywood,plastic ect,laser cutting thickness 0.5mm - 40mm,foam can cut max 150mm.But also our 280w metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel,carbon steel,mild steel,iron ect,stainless steel cutting thickness max 3mm,carbon steel max 4mm.
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Dekcel® 150w,280w Stainless Steel Metal and Nonmetal CNC Laser Cutting Machine
Yongli 280w metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine.jpg

Dekcel 280w metal laser cutting machine is newly designed model to meet the increased requirements of using co2 laser tube to cut both metal and nonmetal materials. It has special designed machine structure and auto focus cutting laser head,with the help of the oxygen gas, to obtain good metal and nonmetal cutting result.

2.5mm Stainless Steel Cutting by 280w Laser Machine Video 
Advantage of Metal and Nonmetal 280w Laser Cutting Machine
1. Dekcel 280w laser machine adopts Lead shine stepper motor with high precision,Fulong belt transmission,improve the response speed and cutting precision,extend service life.
2. Constant light system: this metal laser cutting machine uses the constant light, achieving high precision cutting of the whole area.
3. The cutting section with good quality:Automatic following up and down cutting head system,cutting head always follows the material to keep the cutting point location unchanged, which insures smooth cutting section without processing again. It can adapt to flat or curved surface sheet cutting.
4. DEKCEL 280W laser cutting machine adopt sealed Yongli 280W co2 laser tube.
5. Our machine with heavy duty structure, stable laser device and low maintenance cost.
6. Water cooling system ( S&A - CW-6000) automatically controls the water temperature, cools and protects the laser tube.
7. Offline USB controller system. Machine is able to work without connecting to a computer.
8.Taiwan HIWIN / PMI guide rail,ensure the cutting precision.
Optional Parts for More Functions of 280w Metal Laser Cutting Machine 
1. Japan ysakawa servo motor and driver transmission for option.
2. up-down worktable for big thickness material
3. Chuck rotary device for engraving cyliners such as bamboo,cups,etc.

4. Roller rotary device for engraving irregular cylinders such as bottle,etc.

5. Dia meter 20mm-200mm metal tube laser cutting rotary device.

Technician Parameter of 280w Stainless Steel Cutting Machine
Model DEK-1390J DEK-1325J Option
Working Area 1300mm*900mm 1300mm*2500mm Customized
Laser Power Reci 150w  Yongli 280w RF metal tube
Transmission   Lead shine Stepper Motor and Driver
Cooling System  Water Cooling
150w/180w - CW5200,280w/300w - CW6000
Material Wood : 30mm / Acrylic : 30mm / Foam : 100mm
Carbon steel : 4mm / Stainl steel : 3mm
Working Table  Knife blade table
Cutting Head  Auto focus following cutting head
Max. Cutting Thickness  0-100mm
Max. Cutting Speed  20m/min
Graphic Format Supported  BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, and AI, etc
Controlling software Ruida controlling system
Working voltage  AC110-220V ±10%/50Hz
Option Japan Yaskawa Servo Motor and Driving System
Honey comb working table
Partly up and down working table
CCD visual cutting camera

Details of 280W laser Cutting Machine 

280w co2 laser cutting machine tube.jpg

280w co2 laser cutting machine tube

auto following head for metal laser cutting machine.jpg

auto following head for metal laser cutting machine

280W ruida laser cutting machine control system.jpg

280W ruida laser cutting machine control system

metal laser cutting machine nozzle.jpg

metal laser cutting machine nozzle

cw6000 water chiller foe 280w laser cutting machine.jpg

cw6000 water chiller for 280w laser cutting machine

laser cutting machine wood package.jpg

280W Co2 Laser Machine Applications
1. Applications: Industrial engraving; cutting and marking.

2. Application materials: 4mm carbon steel, 3mm stainless steel, 30mm acrylic ect . 

It can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, acrylic, Polywood ,plastic, garment,cloth, leather ,rubber and other materials.Widely used in advertisement, arts and crafts,shoes,toys, computerized embroidery and clipping, garments,construction industry.

DEKCEL CNC 280w metal and nonmetal laser cutting sample.jpg


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