The maintenance of vacuum pump of cnc woodworking router
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The maintenance of vacuum pump of cnc woodworking router

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The maintenance of vacuum pump of cnc woodworking router

The maintenance of vacuum pump of cnc woodworking router

In the woodworking engraving cnc machine, there are two common types of working tables. One is a common T slot aluminum table, another is a vacuum table. The difference between the two mesa is that the materials used the aluminum table is fixed by the press plate type, and the table top is firmly fixed by the T groove screw and the pressing board. The vacuum adsorption table by forming a vacuum through the lower surface of the table board, so that the material is firmly adsorbed on the surface of the table, and the complexity of the manual clamping of the aluminum profile table is avoided, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. Vacuum of cnc router for wood carving is achieve through vacuum pump. The following is the attention of the problem:

1. Processing method of not use the pump long time. If the vacuum pump stops running for about 4 weeks. It should be completely emptying pump, after anti-corrosion treatment, which uses 1/2 liters of antiseptic oil from an intake port or exhaust port into the vacuum pump, after a short run. If the impeller due to the use of hard water and stopped in a long time after the pump, the pump cavity should be filled with 10% oxalic acid and about 30 minutes.

2. If hard water is used as a working fluid, hard water must be softened or solvent washed by a vacuum pump.

3. lubrication, under normal operating conditions, the use of 50Hz motor: 20000 hours of operation or three years after the waste oil should be cleared of their loot and accessories in the bearing space and filled with new oil. The grease to be filled shall be 50% of the bearing free space and 65% of the bearing housing space.

If the working conditions are very bad, then the replacement cycle of the grease is shortened accordingly.

4. When the exhaust is empty, open the water outlet of the water tank to make the liquid flow out. And turn the vacuum pump by rotating the fan by hand until no liquid flows out.

Tilt pump 45 degrees, you can basically empty the vacuum pump. Thus, the pump can not be damaged even if the vacuum pump is stopped for a long time or in a cold climate.

5. In order to avoid the impeller, pump body wear or impeller stuck, with gas and working fluid into the pump chamber dust particles, it should be through the pump cover at the bottom of the flushing port will be washed out.

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