Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Wood Cnc Router?
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Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Wood Cnc Router?

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Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Wood Cnc Router?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Wood Cnc Router?

In modern society, economical wood cnc router is becoming more and more popular and has been widely applied to more industries. When you choosing China cnc router for wood do you know how to select a good quality cnc wood carving router for your work? About the cnc wood furniture carving machine, how much do you know?


Now, as a wood furniture carving router user, who pays more attention to woodworking carving cnc machine with high speed and high precision. While, a best quality cnc router for wood door carving machine, it has a high requirements of the software, accessories, assembly and others.   


So, customers of cnc router for wood carving must recognize the performance and requirements of cnc wood engraving router machine. And then choosing a most suitable economical woodworking cnc router.


Then, what features should a excellent woodworking engraving machine has?

1. Heavy duty bed. Not easy to deformation, high-speed processing without shaking; Not easy to break the knife; Each spindle is equipped with a inverter so that the power is greater, more stable, not easy to damage.  

2. Adopting Taiwan Hiwin guide rail with high precision, strong rigidity and wear resistance; the slider sealing is good and not easy to damage.  

3. Adopting all the Taiwan TBI ball screw, the precision is high.  

4. The system is used genuine computer operating system, easy to operate, faster speed, strong stability.  


That is the fine cnc wooden crafts carving router should been have the functional characteristics, and basic configuration.


Application of cnc wood carver router:

1. Wood furniture industry: complete solid wood door, composite door, cabinet door, door, sofa legs, headboard, antique furniture and furniture surface carving and flower shaped lock hole process.

2. Musical instrument industry: carving surface processing, head of the guitar guitar semi-finished products processing and various instruments decorative pattern and surface preparation

3. Arts and crafts industry: process relief, carving, craft ornaments, car accessories and other crafts carving.

4. Decoration industry: carving processing all kinds of decorative murals, screens, decorative pattern, three-dimensional wave board, sound-absorbing panels of various decorations.

5. Die casting industry: wood, foam, food mold casting in EPC (such as: moon cake mold precision mold making etc.).


In our company, there are many different types of cnc wood router. For example, different working area of wood router, DEK-1325, the working area is 1300*2500 mm, DEK-1530, working area is 1500*3000 mm,DEK-2030, working area is 2000*3000 mm and so on. We cam also customized for you according to your requirements. In addition, single head, double heads woodworking carving router, three processing, four processing wood cnc carver, Atc cnc router for wood furniture, customized panel wood furniture production line are popular with people more and more.

 economical wood cnc router for furniture good price

Using the fast speed cnc wood router can improve your economic returns, reduce labor costs. therefore, if you are interested in our cheap cnc router for wood, or have any question about the wood door engraving machine. Please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment company. We will try our best and offer solution to you.


Thanks for your reading time.


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