How To Use CNC Wood Router
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How To Use CNC Wood Router

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How To Use CNC Wood Router

The CNC Router is a computer controlled cutting device. From the beginning of the design, CNC was used to achieve fine, error-free cutting. Like Cnc Cloth Cutting Machineindustrial laser cutting machine. However, operating the CNC Router Machine is not so complicated. are you ready? Next is a simple tutorial. I believe that after reading it, you will have a clear understanding of how to operate the CNC Router.


1 Before Using - Design

As with all manufacturing industries, there is no design that cannot produce finished products, especially for computer-controlled devices like CNC Router. The CNC Router requires a CAD document with detailed parameters to achieve precise cutting. CAD can be produced by a lot of software. Many software vendors provide professional CAD production tools, many of which are free. You can choose one of them and then implement your ideas in CAD.


2 Computer Aided Manufacturing Software

CAM is also indispensable during the use of the CNC Router, which can assist in the positioning during the cutting process. If you make a piece of art by hand, maybe you will choose a place to start. But for a computer, it's extremely important to choose a starting position.


3 Enter the design draft into your computer

If everything goes well, then you should have a CAD design draft now. By the way, before you start, you must of course prepare the materials.

In the process of entering the design into the computer, we need to use another software. controlling software. This software is extremely important in the process of working throughout the CNC Router. It will control the workflow of the CNC Router. Your design draft also needs to be submitted to this software. After the submission is successful, the control software analyzes the detailed values in the design draft and converts them into code.


4 CNC Router Operation

After the code conversion in the previous step is completed, the control software will input the code into the CNC Router Machine. Everything after that is very simple. The CNC Router will cut the material precisely according to the code, all you need to do is wait a moment. In this process, you should also pay attention to some other things. If you are using a three-axis CNC Router Machine to cut large materials, pay attention to dust. Security issues are equally important.


5 Possible things

In general, after the CNC Router is started, you just have to wait, but if your design is very complicated and you are using a traditional three-axis CNC Router, then you may need to manually move the material. This kind of movement won't happen many times, but it's really necessary.


OK, now you get the first work you made with the CNC Router. Very simple, isn't it? The CNC Router is designed to make the production process easier. So, do you want to get a CNC Router Machine? We are a professional CNC Router Manufacturer. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, we will provide you with the most complete solution.

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