What can be laser engraved?
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What can be laser engraved?

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What can be laser engraved?

Laser engraving is a common process in industrial applications. As a non-contact cutting technology, laser engraving has excellent advantages, which is not comparable to CNC Router. However, laser engraving also has its weaknesses, not all materials can be laser engraved. So, which materials can be laser engraved?


1 Plastic

Plastics are very easy to use, and many types of plastics can be laser engraved. However, each type of plastic has its own unique properties, and different reactions may occur when exposed to laser light. Moreover, pure plastics are rare. Generally, in order to use plastics better, plastics will be added with other substances such as colorants, UV blockers and the like. This has increased the difficulty of laser engraving to some extent.

Some plastics may also produce toxic substances when exposed to laser light. For example, chlorine-containing plastics produce chlorine gas after being irradiated by a laser. Chlorine gas combines with hydrogen in the air to form corrosive hydrochloric acid, which can damage the laser generating equipment.


2 Natural materials

Natural materials are materials that do not require humans to go through complicated steps, such as wood and leather. Wood can be laser engraved. The process of wood carving is very interesting. When laser engraving wood, the power of the laser should not be too high. The laser shines on the surface of the wood to generate heat, which causes the wood on the surface to burn. However, the surface of the wood cannot be ignited during the engraving process, so when using laser engraving, it is necessary to cool the wood. Harder wood can produce good results, while carving on softer wood requires attention to the power of the laser.

Fur can't be laser engraved, but finished leather is fine.


3 Metal

Carving on metal surfaces seems to be a commonplace thing. It is also possible to use a laser to engrave metal. The nature of the metal is special, so there are some caveats when using laser engraving. The laser power of the engraved metal must be high enough. The melting point of metals is generally greater than one thousand degrees Celsius. To change the surface of a metal, it takes a lot of energy. The average power of the laser can melt the metal surface, while the peak power of the laser can directly vaporize the metal. Both methods produce different results, and both types of engraving are also widely used.


4 stones and glass

Stones and glass are substances that are not easily vaporized. Because of this property, stones and glass are more suitable for mechanical cutting, such as using a CNC Router. However, when the laser shines on the glass surface, some interesting phenomena occur. The glass will break. When the heating is very fast, the heated portion of the glass expands. If the power, speed and focus are just right, you can get very good results.


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