Multilayer fiberglass and carbon fiber fabric blade cutting machine
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Multilayer fiberglass and carbon fiber fabric blade cutting machine

Fibreglass is a common type of fiber-reinforced plastic which is frequently used to reinforce other plastic materials. DEKCEL fiberglass fabric cutting machine will show you how to cut the fiberglass and carbon fiber with the rotating wheel blade .
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Multilayer fiberglass and carbon fiber fabric blade CNC cutting machine

Our oscillating knife cutting machine Videos Gallery will help your know well about our machines. 

Fiberglass is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent properties. There are many types of fiberglass. The advantages are good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength. These characteristics make it a popular industrial material, but it has raised new issues for everyone in the cutting process.

Fiberglass fabric Blade Cutting Machine
Manual cutting of fiberglass cloth will produce wool slag, which will cause certain harm to the human body. Therefore, manual cutting is increasingly not advocated.Today we will introduce a professional machine for cutting fiberglass fabric.
cnc fiberglass and carbon fiber cutting machine 
Features of fiberglass fabric cutting machine
1.The cnc fiberglass fabric cutting machine uses a blade to cut. The blade is very thin and high hardness which is made of tungsten steel,can offer you the high cutting accuracy.

fiber glass rotating wheel blade cutting tool 

2. A small amount of fiberglass will still be generated during cutting. Our fiberglass fabric cutting machine has an automatic adsorption system, which allows the fiberglass to be directly adsorbed, so as not to fly randomly and prevent damage caused by accidental absorption by the human body.

fiberglass vacuum cutting table 
3. Our carbon fiber cutting machine choose KINCO control system, only need import the vector file to the software, machine will cut the fiberglass according your design.

4. Dekcel digital fiberglass wheel blade cutting machine has good performance for cutting fiberglass fabric, carbon fiber cloth, woven fiberglass. Machine with multi-functional tool base, you can choose the right cutting tool according the material.

fiberglass fabric blade cutting tool 
Technical Parameters of Carbon Fiber Cutting Machine
Model No. DEK-1625M DEK-1630M DEK-2030M
Cutting speed 200-800mm/s(depends on the kind of material)
Moving Speed 100-2000mm/s
Cutting Depth 35mm-70mm (depends on the kind of material)
Min.Cutting Diameter 6 mm
Cutting Media Corrugated Paper, Cardboard, Grey cardboard, Plastic board,
Foam,EVA,Rubber,Fabric,Leather,Gasket,PVC,Paper,Nylon, Composite material, etc.
Multi-function Tool Head Electric Oscillating Tool ,Pneumatic oscillating Tool, Creasing Wheel,V-cutter,Camera Vision System,Punching Tool,Spindle,Mark Pen,Kiss-cut Tool, Drag Tool,Round blade Tool
Safety Devices Safety devices use infrared sensing, safe and reliable
Fixture Device Individual section vacuum suction
Repeat Cutting Precision  0.1mm
Cutting thickness 50mm-70mm Other thicknesses can be customized according to the material
Transmission port Network port
Control system Zhongrui control system
Control Panel Kinco LED Touch Screen
Support file format AI、PLT、DXF、CDR etc
Transmission System Japan YASKAWA servo driver ;Taiwan Guide Rail;Synchronous belt
Power Supply 380V / 220V , 50Hz-60Hz
Working Environment Operating environment Temperature 0-40, Humidity 20%-80%RH
Package Size 4310mm*2280mm*1440mm
Package Weight 1420KG
Application of fiberglass blade cut machine 
fiberglass fabric cutting sample 

Oscillating knife blade cutting machine can also cut materials such as cloth, carpet, leather, vinyl,  car interiors, gaskets, carbon fiber, foam, gasket, cardboard, corrugated board, acrylic board, PVC board etc. Different materials choose different cutting tools,please offer us your cutting request, we will recommend you the most suitable machine configuration.

DEK-1625M Fiberglass Fabric Cutting Machine Packing and Shipped to our Romania Customer

fiberglass cloth cutting machine

DEKCEL CNC is a professional manufacture of oscilalting knife cut machine with 10 years' experience.We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our fiberglass fabric cutting machine, So we want to avail ourselves of opportunity establishing business relation with you.

fiberglass cutting machine manufacture

If you are not sure which machine is suitable, please tell me the following questions i will recommend the most suitable machine to you.

1). what materials do you want to engrave or cut ?

2). what's the max size of the materials ?

Dekcel CNC Sincerely At Your Service.


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