Digital Projection Nesting Camera Visual Shoe Leather Oscillaltion Cutting Plotter Cnc Machine
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Digital Projection Nesting Camera Visual Shoe Leather Oscillaltion Cutting Plotter Cnc Machine

Dekcel cnc projection shoe leather oscillation knife cutting plotter machine with visual camera system is new design and specially for shoe production industry,machine adopt Japan Sony projector and Canon camera,very convenience for material contour capturing,can do manual nesting and auto nesting for leather cutting,improve the production efficiency and save labor and cost.
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Digital Projection Nesting Camera Visual Shoe Leather Oscillaltion Cutting Plotter Machine

projector knife cutting machine

( Please tell us more about your request,we can customized and produce the machine ,offer our best cutting solution for you. )

Dekcel Projection Nesting Leather Cutting Plotter Machine Main Feature

1. Leather material contour capture 

our projecting nesting and contour capturing sustem adopt Japan projector and camera,the camera captures the leather contour. 

2. Nesting

The required cut parts are optimally placed for maximum leather utilization. If desirable, the layout of the parts can be visualized via projection directly onto the hide. 

3. Digital Cutting

After nesting the parts, the system proceeds to the next processing step,such as cutting and hole puching,with high-precision oscilaltion cutting tool and hole punching tool. A stong vacuum system provides reliable material hold-down on the cutting surface.

4. Picking

For efficient parts removal, cut pieces need to be identified quickly and unmistakably. For this purpose, the parts are projected in color either on the hide or on the monitor.

5. Efficient material hold-down

Dekcel cnc leather projection nesting and oscillation cutting plotter adopt 9kw-11kw vacuum pumm provide optimal material hold-down. No longer do you have to worry about materials moving during processing. And besides the perfect cut quality, you will no doubt enjoy the reduced power consumption. 

Projection Nesting and Oscillation Cutting Video Show

Projection Nesting and Oscillation Cutting Plotter Machine configuration

Working size : 1000mm*3000mm

# Steel welding lathe bed

# Oscillating knife cutting head *1

# plotter pen *1

# punching tool * 2

# Nesting projector * 2 ( Japan Sony )

# Visual camera *1 ( Japan Canon )

# Red laser indicator

# 40mm thickness aluminium absorb working table with felt

# Taiwan Hiwin square rails

# Vacuum Table with 9kw-11kw air vacuum pump

# Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver

# Working table with Japan felt

# TrocutCAD control system V1.58.5

Leather Oscillation Cutting Plotter Machine Details

1. Projection nesting camera visual oscillation cutting with plotter pen,hole punching head,red laser & socillation knife blade cutting head

1.projection camera visual oscillation cutting plotter pen hole punching head.jpg

Hole Punching - Circle shape Blade Tool

Hole Punching Circle shape Blade Tool.jpg

V-shape Hole Punching Blade Tool

V-shape Hole Punching Blade Tool.jpg

At present,most of our clients use the circle shape punching tool or v-shape punching tool,or you can tell me what kinds of punch tool you need,we can customized the tool for you.

2. Digital drawing plotter pen drawing plotter pen.jpg

3. Projection nesting system adopt Japan Sony projector leather cutting machine with Japan Sony projection system.jpg

You can use the projector nesting for leather cutting shape; when the machine start to cut,you can use another projector for nesting at the same time.

4.  Contour capture with Japan Canon camera

3. Contour capture with Japan Canon camera.jpg

You can use the camera take photo for the leather contour capturing,transfer the leather picture to the control software,then do the auto-nesting for leather material.

5. Projection nesting software and control system adopt TrocutCAD. V1.58.5

5.Machine control software TrocutCAD. V1.58.5.jpg

For the nesting function we have 2 type for your reference

- Manual Nesting

- Auto-Nesting

- 6.1 Manual Nesting

6.1 manual nesting.jpg

Put the leather material on the working table,power on the vacuum pump,the leather material will be hold tightly on the table,you can arrange the cutting file by the projector manually .

- 6.2 Auto-Nesting

First,use the Canon camera take photo for the leather material,then transfer the picture to the software,we will see the leather’s frame in the software.

6.2 use the Canon camera take photo for the leather contour.jpg

Second,select the part that want to nest and cut.

6.3 select the part that want to nest and cut.jpg

Third,after you select the cutting parts,the software will auto-nesting on the material with the projecttion.

6.4 auto-nesting by software on leather.jpg

Forth,the projector show contour on the leather material

6.5 projector show contour on the leather material.jpg

with the second projector,you can do nesting and pick-up work at same time while the machine cutting.

7. Our projection nesting and cutting plotter choose TocutCAD control board ,and Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver for machine tranmission,offer fast speed and more cutting precision.

7.TocutCAD control board & Japan YASKAWA servo motor.jpg

Projection Nesting and Camera Ocillation Cutting Plotter Machine for Leather Processing Industry

plotter pen drawing and oscillation cutting on leather.jpg

hole punching and oscillation cutting on shoe leather.jpg


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