Tanged Graphite Gasket CNC Knife Cutting Machine | Gasket Cutting Machine
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Tanged Graphite Gasket CNC Knife Cutting Machine | Gasket Cutting Machine

Dekcel cnc tanged graphite gasket cut machine with oscillating knife blade cutting have good performance for cutting variety shapes of grafoli graphite gasket.Grafoil tanged graphite gasket with reinforced with a Stainless Steel 316 tanged steel insert,which combines excellent properties of expanded graphite and the strength of stainless steel.
  • DEK-1625M


  • 160

Reinforce Tanged Graphite Gasket Cutting Machine Video

Tanged Graphite Gasket Cut Machine

tanged graphite gasket knife cut machine
The tanged insert graphite gasket is cut or stamped from pure graphite plate or metal (tooth plate, flat plate, mesh) reinforced graphite plate. It has many excellent sealing properties, such as: heat stability, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, no aging, no brittleness. In addition, it can be used stably for a long time under severe working conditions, and requires little maintenance. The lining material can be selected from different metal sheets. The type can be selected without edging, inner wrapping edge, outer wrapping edge and inner outsourcing edge. 
tanged reinforced graphite gasket cutting machine
Tanged Graphic Gaskets Cutting Machine Features
1. Dekcel cnc tanged graphite gasket cut machine adopt Imported Taiwan square linear guide and Japanese servo motor ensure high accuracy, fast cutting speed and stable working performance;
2. Whole graphite gasket oscillating knife cut machine is welded with thick square seamless steel structure and treated with high temperature, ensures high accuracy, no deformation and super long service life;
3. The whole piece aluminum platform is honeycomb structure, not easy to deform, sound-absorbing, etc.
4. Dekcel cnc graphite gasket cutting machine was designed easy to install, set-up and operate;
5. Our gasket cut machine equipped with infrared sensor and emergency stop devices, guarantees safety;
6. Graphite gasket cutting by knife blade, no air pollution, no burnt edge, cutting speed is 5-8 times faster than laser cutting machine;
7.Powerful software to support AutoCAD,Coreldraw,Solidworks and other software.Graphic format support *.dxf,*.plt,*.hpg,*.hpgl .
Tanged Graphite Gasket Cutting Machine Technical Parameters 
Model No. DEK-6040M DEK-9060M DEK-1311M DEK-1625M DEK-1630M DEK-2030M
Cutting speed 200-800mm/s(depends on the kind of material)
Moving Speed 100-2000mm/s
Cutting Depth ≤35mm (depends on the kind of material)
Min.Cutting Diameter 6 mm
Cutting Media Corrugated Paper, Cardboard, Grey cardboard, Plastic board,
Foam,EVA,Rubber,Fabric,Leather,Gasket,PVC,Paper,Nylon, Composite material, etc.
Multi-function Tool Head Electric Oscillating Tool ,Pneumatic oscillating Tool, Creasing Wheel,V-cutter,Camera Vision System,Punching Tool,Spindle,Mark Pen,Kiss-cut Tool, Drag Tool,Round blade Tool
Safety Devices Safety devices use infrared sensing, safe and reliable
Fixture Device Individual section vacuum suction
Repeat Cutting Precision ≤ 0.1mm
Cutting thickness ≤50mm Other thicknesses can be customized according to the material
Transmission port Network port
Control system Zhongrui control system
Control Panel Kinco LED Touch Screen
Support file format AI、PLT、DXF、CDR etc
Transmission System Japan YASKAWA servo driver ;Taiwan Guide Rail;Synchronous belt
Power Supply 380V±10% / 220V±10% Optional
Working Environment Operating environment Temperature 0-40 degree Humidity 20%-80%RH
Package Size 4310mm*2280mm*1440mm
Package Weight 1420KG
 Tanged Graphite Gasket Cutting Tool - [ POT: Pneumatic Oscillating Tool ]

gasket pneumatic oscillating cutting tool

How to Cut Tanged Graphite Gasket ?

dekcel cnc gasket cut machine

There are many kinds of materials for gasket industry,like tanged graphite gasket,teflon & PTFE gasket,rubber gasket,cork gasket ect. A common question we are often asked is, “How can do you cut gasket”? Dekcelcnc gasket oscillating knife cut machine with many years cutting experience to show how to cut.

No.1 Tanged Graphite Gasket Manual Cutting 

oscillating knife cut gasket

Manual gasket cutting methods are very common and generally performed in plants for jobs that require custom gaskets to be cut in the field. The material can be cut with a utility knife,scissors or shears,or even by a battery operated device.The dimensional tolerance of hand cut gaskets is based on the person cutting the gaskets,however,realistically the tolerance on most hand cut gaskets would be greater than +/- 3.2mm (1/8”).Additionally,with hand cut gaskets,there is usually more than one scribe or cut mark,which can potentially lead to jagged edges or nicks in the gasket,thus creating a weak point.Manual cutting is somewhat slow and tedious, and tends to result in a higher yield of gasket scrap or waste.

No.2 Tanged Graphite Gasket Die Cutting 

graphite gasket cutting machine

A Clicker press is another method that is commonly used in higher production of gasket cutting. A rolled steel die is made up and then the die is placed on the material and pressed into it by a pneumatic press. The tolerance of the gasket is much higher than manually cutting and the material yield is much better. The process is still done manually,however,the yield of material is based on the user/operator.The process is economical for larger gasket quantities because a die still needs to be made for each size and there is some maintenance involved in sharpening and maintaining the dies.Die cutting is not recommended for larger OD gaskets, or custom sizes that required small quantities.

No.3 Tanged Graphite Gasket Digital Oscillating Knife Cut Machine

gasket nesting cut machine

Dekcel CNC digital gasket cutter machine utilize a 3-axis cutting head that have either an oscillating head or drag knife that cuts the material.Gasket dimensions are converted to CAD drawing file(s) and then uploaded into the machine to be cut. The big benefits to using these types of cutters are the speed, high level of accuracy and material savings due to being able to nest all the gaskets together for the optimal yield. Additionally,for custom size gaskets there is no die or tooling required just a CAD drawing to upload. Literally the operator can put the material on the table, nest the gaskets desired to cut and hit start and walk away.

-Simply send us your CAD file,detailed drawing or gasket photo and we can offer you the best cutting gasket cutting solution according your request.

Gasket cutting machine file
Tanged Graphite Gasket Cutting Machine Application
Tanged Insert Graphite gaskets are perforated or cut from pure graphite sheets. They have good corrosion resistance, high/low temperature resistance, good compression resilience and high strength, and a variety of round complex geometry gaskets are widely used in pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, air compressors, exhaust pipes, refrigerators, ect.

tanged graphite gasket cut machine

Dekcel cnc digital flatbed plotter work with computer by Ethernet cable, you can send any design shape to this cutter for cutting purpose. Below are the materials that cut by this cutter plotter :

- Fabric,cloth,textile,garment,fiberglass,leather
Cut contour in any shape for advertising printing board,acrylic,kt board,paper board
Cut rubber gasket, paper gasket
Cut floor mats
Cut vinyl sticker
Corrugated board, Plastic, honeycomb board
Grey cardboard, ivory cardboard,paper
KT board, PVC foam board, EVA board, Foam board, Magnetic material
Vinyl Sticker, Reflecting material
Rubber, gasket,PTFE

Carton box, cardboard box, color box

flatbed cutter plotter machine package


1) This is the first time I use this kind of Corrugated Oscillating knife cutting plotter machine, is it easy operate?

There are english manual or guide video that show how to use machine.
If there is still have any question, we can talk from phone or skype.
2) If Oscillating knife cutting machine have any problem after I ordered it, how could I do?
Free parts send to you in machine warranty period if machine have any problem.
Free after-sales service life for machine, please feel free contact us if your machine have any problem.
we will give you 24hours service from phone and skype or go to your home for after-sale service
3) MOQ ?

Our MOQ is 1 set Oscillating knife cutting machine. 

We could send machine to your country port or your factory directly, please tell us your port name or your detailed address. There will be best shipping freight and machine price send to you

After sales service of Tanged Graphite Gasket Oscillating Cutting Machine

1.one years quality guaranty, the Oscillating knife cutting machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free. Or charge if there is any problem during the warranty period.        
2.Lifetime maintenance free of charge.                   
3.Free training course at our plant.                     
4.We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.
5.24 hours on line service each day, free technical support.         
6.Machine has been adjusted before delivery.
7.Our staff can be sent to your company to install or adjust if necessary.


If you are not sure which machine is suitable, please tell me the following questions:i will recommend the most suitable machine to you.
1)what materials do you want to engrave or cut?

2)what's the max size of the materials?

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