About The Type Of CNC Wood Router
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About The Type Of CNC Wood Router

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About The Type Of CNC Wood Router

The CNC wood router is a CNC router tool that creates objects from wood. With the social progress and development, people increasingly high demand for wood carving and solid wood furniture. Fortunately, the CNC wood router in production technology become more and more accurate, there have been more and more various CNC router wood engraving machine appear in the market. However, do you really understand the types and features of the CNC router wood engraving machine ?


Next, we'll brief you on the type of industrial CNC wood router, you can read it to understand and make a good choice to buy the CNC router wood engraving.


Specialty CNC routers:

There are many specialty type CNC router in the market, such as PCB router, 3D engraving machine, CNC routers made to carve granite, and more. This kind of CNC router has been used in many industries. The industrial CNC wood router is very popular. All these machines made from plaque to the trophy, these industrial CNC router are much smaller, usually its working area is 12 x 12 inches. However, they operate on the same principles as a CNC router. If you love electronic products, so this specialty CNC machine allows you to create professional circuit board in a few minutes, and no etching equipment required to deal with messy knot, you can rest assured to give task to the specialty CNC wood machine.


The mid-range CNC:

The mid-range CNC machines are usually smaller than the other CNC router wood engraving. Mid-range CNC router usually has a small size of operation, so that the layout of these CNC router machines are welcomed by small businesses and hobby production. The mid-range CNC router is also a usual kind of CNC router wood engraving, and the accuracy and precision of the mid range CNC machine are not less than the industrial CNC router. They often use the same internal components. Many small guitar and violin makers and logo manufacturers use these machines. Some people who love this kind of mid-range CNC machines also use them for their personal projects. However, there are less manufacturers in the market who produce the mid-range CNC machines.


Hobby CNC:

Each hobby CNC machine is different and is usually designed around the parts and budget available. Hobby CNC router router usually refers to the homemade CNC router. These especial CNC router machines are usually made by the owners of design and manufacturing. There are a lot of plans may be purchased or downloaded. These hobby CNC router machines are only one just like their creator. If you are interested in building hobby CNC machine own, you can search for the manufacturing information, or contact the relevant personnel to teach you.


Multi axis CNC router:

In general, all wood craving CNC routers have 3 axes, can be cut in 3D. However, some applications may require more flexibility. This is the four axis and five axis CNC woodworking router.

4 Axis CNC router usually means that the spindle can be rotated at an additional plane, or a turntable is connected to the cutting bed.

5 Axis CNC wood router means that the spindle can be rotated at 2 additional planes.

4 axis and 5 axis CNC wood router can cut the real 3D. A traditional 3 wood craving CNC router is limited as to the depth in certain dimensions. These machines are rapid prototyping and art industry. However, the multi axis CNC router need special controllers and software, more difficult to learn.


These four classifications of CNC wood router are just omnibus classification, in fact, there are many different kinds of CNC router wood engraving can meet most of the needs of different industries. You can according yourself needs to select the suitable CNC wood router.

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