What is ATC CNC Router
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What is ATC CNC Router

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What is ATC CNC Router

When you mention the CNC Router Machine, you should easily think that this device is a computer-controlled cutting machine. It can be used to cut a wide variety of materials to create beautiful and beautiful artwork. However, although the CNC Router is computer controlled, not all operations are fully automated in actual production. To solve this problem, CNC Router Manufacturers designed and built the ATC CNC Router.


1 How to solve automation problems


How important is mechanical automation? For example, a factory designed and manufactured wall decorations, they used a common CNC Router. In the production of certain decorations, it is necessary to change the tool once, and the machine that cannot be automated can only be replaced manually. This will increase a lot of human resources. And if the tool change can be done automatically, just one maintenance person can solve all the problems.

In order to solve the problem of mechanical automation, CNC Router Manufacturer has developed a 4-axis CNC Router and a 5-axis CNC Router Machine. These two devices can automatically produce relatively higher-end products. When it comes to ordinary 3-axis CNC Routers, ATC CNC Router Became the best choice.


2 What is ATC CNC Router?


ATC, full name Automatic Tools Changing. Like its name, the ATC CNC Router Machine provides tool path preview and automatic tool change. The automatic switching of the tool can maintain the continuity of the cutting work to the greatest extent, and at the same time save the money to hire more manpower.


3 Why choose ATC CNC Router?


As mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage of the CNC router with ATC is the degree of automation. Maybe you think that automatic tool change is just a small change, but in fact, this change can greatly increase productivity and can greatly save costs.

Another reason to choose ATC CNC Router is the balance of performance and price. The ATC CNC Router can also be written as a CNC Router with ATC, which means that the ATC CNC Router actually adds a feature to the traditional CNC Router. The main body of the ATC CNC Router is still a common cutting device. Therefore, the price of ATC CNC Router is not very high, it will not be like the 4-axis and 5-axis CNC Router, although it increases the automation and improves the cutting efficiency, but it costs a lot of money, ATC CNC Router only costs With a small amount of cost, you can achieve a big increase in production efficiency, which is very worthwhile.


4 What are the disadvantages of ATC CNC Router?


The ATC CNC Router appeared only to improve the efficiency of the traditional 3-axis CNC Router. If some products require more cutting directions, then only 4-axis or 5-axis systems can be used. The 4-axis and 5-axis CNC Router Machines are essentially different from the ATC CNC Router.


5 Contact Us


If you want to upgrade your existing equipment at a low cost, then the ATC CNC Router Machine is definitely a must-have option. It has higher performance and lower price, which can greatly reduce the finished product. Call us and we will provide you with the best solution.

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