What is a 4-axis CNC router?
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What is a 4-axis CNC router?

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What is a 4-axis CNC router?

After introducing the three-axis CNC router and the five-axis CNC router, do you have a more detailed understanding of the different CNC router machines?


With a three-axis system and a five-axis system, the four-axis CNC Router is certainly not absent.


1 What is a four-axis CNC router machine?


We have already introduced the five-axis system. In a nutshell, the motion of the object needs to describe the rotational motion around the three axes in addition to the X, Y, and Z axes. Therefore, six axes of X, Y, Z, A, B, and C are generated. The four-axis CNC Router adds an axis to the three-axis system, which may be either the A or B axis.


2 What are the advantages of four-axis CNC routers?


Some people might say that adding only one axis can improve efficiency compared to a three-axis CNC router? The answer is yes. In actual production, the addition of one axis to the four-axis system saves a lot of time in production. The four-axis CNC router is completely incomparable in terms of arc cutting.


It can be understood that the function of the added axis of the four-axis system is usually manually performed by a person, in a three-axis system. However, manual operation has many drawbacks. In order to be safe, it may be necessary to shut down the machine during operation. At the same time, human operations are also inaccurate, and people do not know the very small gaps in perception, but this is a fatal problem for parts production. The four-axis CNC router can solve this problem.


The four-axis system also enables continuous machining. Continuous machining can process shapes that would otherwise be impossible or very difficult. This is not possible with a three-axis system. In addition, continuous machining can also be performed using a spherical cutter for profiling using a technique called “Sturz Milling”. You can use the 4th axis to make the spherical ball appear at an angle to the workpiece, so the side of the ball is used more than the tip. many. Not only does this allow for faster milling (which provides higher feed rates, but it provides better surface finish and even longer tool life).


3 Do you want to choose a four-axis CNC router?

A four-axis CNC router can provide many functions that are not possible with a three-axis system. When you feel that the three-axis system is not enough to meet your requirements, you can consider replacing the equipment. Four-axis CNC router machines have many advantages. It offers four-axis advanced features and is not as costly as a five-axis CNC router. The four-axis CNC router is the best solution for SMBs. It balances cost and functionality to maximize your competitiveness in the marketplace.


If you want to update your equipment, please contact us immediately. We are a professional CNC router manufacturer, we can provide you with the best solution, so that you can get the best equipment at the lowest cost.

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