Metal engraving machine how it works
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Metal engraving machine how it works

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Metal engraving machine how it works

We usually refer to the higher-precision engraving machine as a metal engraving machine, but in fact the metal engraving machine can engrave more than just metal, it can engrave most common materials, such as wood, plastic and so on. The difference between the metal engraving machine and the ordinary CNC Router Machine is that the requirements for engraving of the metal engraving machine are generally more precise. And the engraved workpieces will be much smaller. Products such as large wall decorations cannot be used with metal engraving machines. In this way, the metal engraving machine seems to be a small and convenient device. So what are the characteristics of the metal engraving machine?


1 What are the carving methods?


Regardless of the name of the machine, the engraving methods used in modern industry are basically two. The first is laser engraving and the second is mechanical engraving. Laser engraving is more expensive because of the need to produce high-energy beams. But the efficiency and fineness of laser engraving is unmatched by current mechanical engraving. For example, if the workpiece is produced with high requirements and the error cannot exceed a certain value, then in this case, it is very likely that mechanical engraving will not meet the requirements, and only laser engraving can be used to complete the work.

Mechanical engraving is more common than comparison. The price of a metal engraving machine using mechanical engraving is generally less than half that of a laser metal engraving machine. Low cost is the biggest advantage of mechanical engraving.


2 Metal Engraving Machine How It Works


In today's era of widespread use of computers, metal engraving machines are no exception. Regardless of the engraving method, the metal engraving machine is directly controlled by a computer. The workflow is very simple. Just design the production drawings in advance and then enter the drawings into the computer. The program will send the instructions to the metal engraving machine. Then you just have to wait.

Among them, there are two methods of pulling laser light during laser engraving. The first is called Cartesian control and the other is called mirror galvanometer. The effects of the two control methods are the same, but the way they are implemented is different. Cartesian control is to fix the laser beam and move it by moving the workpiece position. The mirror galvanometer control is relatively more subtle. As its name suggests, the mirror galvanometer control uses a pair of real-time mirrors that adjust the position in real time according to the design and focus the laser on the workpiece to achieve engraving.

The mechanical engraving is not much different from the CNC Router Machine. Just move the drill bit and engrave it in the right place to meet the requirements.


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