How long does it take to laser engrave machine ?
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How long does it take to laser engrave machine ?

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How long does it take to laser engrave machine ?

With the progress of science and technology, more and more new technologies come into our vision. They have replaced traditional techniques and improved production efficiency. When we become addicted to them, they naturally come into our lives, infiltrating every aspect we can reach, and subvert our biographies without even knowing it. 

Traditional concepts and lifestyles, laser engrave is one of them. Although laser engrave has not appeared for a long time, it has played a huge role in our production and life. Laser fundamentals have also promoted the rapid development of many fields and have been applied more and more widely. Like stone engraving machine, metal engraving machine, etc. Here we briefly introduce laser engrave and some related things, hoping to help you better understand this technology.


The main points are as follows:    

♦ What is laser engrave

♦ How long does it take for laser engrave

♦ Laser engrave considerations

♦ Summary


What is laser engrave

Laser engrave is a technology based on numerical control technology and using laser as processing medium to process materials. Because of the instantaneous melting and gasification of the material processed under the irradiation of laser engraving, laser engrave can achieve the purpose of processing. Laser engraving is the use of laser technology to engrave text on objects. This technique engraves without markers, the surface of the object is still smooth, and the handwriting will not wear out. Laser processing, because it is not in contact with the material surface, not affected by mechanical movement, so the surface will not be deformed, generally do not need to be fixed. And it is not affected by material elasticity and other factors, so it is very convenient to process soft materials. Therefore, laser engraving technology has the characteristics of high processing accuracy, fast speed and wide application.


How long does it take for laser engrave

At present, laser engrave technology mainly depends on laser engraving machine. CNC laser engraving machine mainly has the following functions:(1) Easy to operate: because the machine is a touchable screen; (2) Compared with other types of machines, the precision of the guideway of this machine is very high; (3) With automatic protection system.


Because of these functions, the scanning speed of laser engraving machine can reach 0-60,000 millimeters per minute, so the average time to complete an article is 20 minutes, but the time of engraving mainly depends on the relevant information of the product for a total of 30 seconds to an hour.


Laser engrave considerations

With the development of social economy, the application of this technology is more and more extensive. So, when we apply it, what should we pay attention to?


(1) When using automatic focusing, attention should be paid to the need to tighten the automatic focusing rod, otherwise the worktable will be fixed on the laser head and make it off track.


(2) When the laser engraving machine is working, it is forbidden to open the lid, including the top cover and the front cover. Otherwise, the laser emission will be stopped and the processing quality will be affected.


(3) When processing workpieces, smoke exhaust and blowing equipment must be opened to avoid smoke pollution of focusing lenses and reflecting lenses. Otherwise, lens focusing and reflection will be affected, which indirectly affects the processing strength and accuracy.


(4) When processing wood and paper workpieces, we must pay close attention to the processing speed and intensity to avoid the flame caused by too slow and too high intensity. Flames will damage the focus lens, light will affect the processing intensity, processing accuracy, heavy machinery will not be able to use.


(5) When the original user processes irregular workpieces, the red light must be positioned first to determine whether the processing position is accurate or not, otherwise, waste products are easily produced.



With the development and popularization of laser engraving technology in application technology and process, the manufacturing and sales of laser engraving equipment show a good upward trend. The number of domestic companies engaged in the development, manufacture, and sales of laser equipment and the number of companies representing foreign laser equipment have increased rapidly, and industry competition has become increasingly fierce. Laser engraving machine is a hot-selling product of our company, so if you need to buy a machine, please consider us, we are a professional CNC laser equipment manufacturer, dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of such machines.


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