How To Choose A Stone Engraving Machine?
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How To Choose A Stone Engraving Machine?

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How To Choose A Stone Engraving Machine?

The appearance of stone engraving machine provides many fields with rare business opportunities. Looking at the variety of goods on the market, are you wondering which kind of goods to buy? A high-quality shopping can not only bring you economic savings, but also bring the improvement of efficiency. Thus, how to choose the China stone engraving machine is very important.


Here is the content list

  • What Should You Pay Attention To Before Purchasing?

  • What Should You Pay Attention To After Purchasing?

  • Why Should You Choose Our Products?


What Should You Pay Attention To Before Purchasing?

  • Pay attention to the engraving machine function

Engraving motor of stone engraving machine has too kinds: high power ones and low power ones.

Some stone engraving machine’s power is small only suitable for jade, agate and other materials processing, this process has been popular for some time, but because the engraving power is too small and greatly affected the scope of its application.

The other one is a large power engraving head stone engraving machine, which is also divided into two categories, one is a large format cutting machine: the format is generally more than one meter, but the precision of this engraving machine is generally poor. The other is a moderate size engraving machine: the engraving machine is generally used for fine processing.

  • Understand performance and function of engraving motor

The engraving head motor of stone engraving machine is also very critical, because the engraving head motor generally does not belong to the scope of warranty, and the engraving head motor is a long time continuous work. Poor quality engraving head will affect the use of your machine.

  • Confirm the range of adjustable speed of the engraver motor

Engraving different materials must use different engraving head speed, if the speed is not adjustable or adjustable range is small, then the stone engraving machine application range is very limited.

  • Evaluate manufacturing crafts

High - power stone engraving machine requires precision and stability. Long-term high-power stone engraving should adopt casting body to ensure its processing accuracy and stability.

  • Identify controller types

Generally speaking, controllers are divided into two categories: one kind of controller only does the driving, and all the computing work is done by the computer. When the stone engraving machine works, the computer is in a waiting state and cannot do the typesetting work.

The other kind of controller is controlled by single board computer or single chip computer. This controller is actually a computer, so as soon as the stone engraving machine starts working, the computer can do other typesetting work immediately, especially when it takes a long time to carve, this advantage is particularly obvious.

What Should You Pay Attention To After Purchasing?

When you buy a satisfactory stone engraving machine, how to maintain it is also a problem. This requires the manufacturer to provide quite a bit of after-sales service. But now you can get it for free.

  • Water cooling

If the continuous running time of the stone engraving machine is less than 10 hours a day, to ensure the clean cooling water and the normal work of the water pump, never make the water-cooled spindle motor water shortage. You need to change the cooling water regularly to prevent the water temperature from getting too hot.

  • Dust removal

Clean up the machine in time after use. Stone engraving machine in the use of the process will produce a lot of dust, too much dust on the life of the stone engraving machine has a great impact. Therefore, the dust on the platform and the transmission system must be cleaned after each use.

  • Oil application

If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be lubricated regularly to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

What’s more, when the stone engraving machine is finished must cut off the power supply, until the monitor no display and the main circuit power indicator lights out, can leave, this can extend the service life of the stone engraving machine electrical appliances.

Why Should You Choose Our Products?

Our company is mainly engaged in CNC engraving machine, laser marking machine, advertising engraving machine, stone engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, plasma cutting machine, CNC machining center, metal engraving machine, which are widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, metal processing, with independent import and export rights.

Our products passed CE, FDA and ISO certification, are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, southeast Asia and Oceania, Covering more than 50 countries and regions in the world, with dealers in South America, Europe, southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The company strives for the market by the service, the quality strives for the survival, the science and technology strives for the development, the innovation strives for the progress for the objective, wholeheartedly serves for the general customers.


After reading the article, do you know how to choose a stone engraving machine? Field research and comparison shopping are also important, and our products will never disappoint you. If you want to buy high-quality stone engraving machine, welcome to consult our company.

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